Elder Messages 2/2014

Feb. 28, 2014 – Spirit Orbs Discussed

Good evening dear Paula, yes we are here and ready also. We bring messages from The Almighty.


Tonight, we address several topics. We Elders have suggested subliminally that you pick up a few books of topics related to those we shall call “Travelers.” They come here to your precious Planet Earth in order that they are able to experience the richness of the human body form and the many interesting challenges and lessons present on this plane of existence.


Yes, some of these Travelers are from other planets, solar systems, galaxies, times, dimensions, and places. Your precious Planet Earth is experiencing rapid changes unseen in other galaxies due to the massive growth of both human and animal species, the collective evolution physically and spiritually, and your Earth’s pole shifts.


There is a uniqueness that is unsurpassed by any other place. And so you shall see more “interdimensional” activity due to the great interest garnered by these interesting times.


Now we change topics, please stand by. Thank you.


Regarding the spirit orb questions, we Elders feel we should clarify these concepts for you. At yesterday’s Gaiam taping of Spirit Talk, James Van Praagh said he thought there were more than one entity or spirit energy per spirit orb seen. This is not correct.


As you have felt, the orbs tend to be present with one intelligence or sentient being per orb. These represent the most stable form of energy that is easiest for a soul energy to occupy that is not in a physical body. Yes, they do come and respond to an individual’s state of mind. There are countless types of orbs, as well as numbers greater than grains of sand on a beach that may appear in any given place or time.


While it is true, that JVP postulated that getting spirit orbs in a photograph is related to the person taking the picture, this is not exclusively the case. Some spirit orbs may be representing the person in question’s spirit guides, Angels, family and friends no longer in a physical body, and so they are seen as orbs.


Of course, there are also FORMS of spiritual essence that can manifest in shapes other than orbs. The orb is just the most energy efficient shape a soul energy may use.


The aura photos showing some of us standing with you dear Paula, are a great example of this phenomenon. You kindly asked us to join you, and so some of us that are closest to you chose to stand with you to be revealed as part of your aura picture.


And so you see, dear Paula, spirit may take many, many forms. Just as you observed the widow’s husband standing with her, arm around her shoulders. His form was quite clear to you as he revealed himself to JVP. It had no shimmer as our energy does, but it was an invisible “presence” there with his wife nonetheless, eager for validation that he remained with her in so many ways, and for special occasions. This is a wonderful example of the many ways spirit may manifest.


We have delivered the message for this evening. We bid you good night and thank you for being available without being overly exhausted tonight. We are the Elders, Elohim.


The Orb picture was taken in our back yard, after asking the Angels to come protect our home during a spell of bad weather expected to hit shortly.

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New messages are coming soon after a hiatus. Thank you for your patience and support.

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Hi Cookie, Thank you for your insightful comments! I will private message you due to space limitations here. Short answer: it will resume shortly.

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We (myself and the masses)need this info from the Elders, couldn't you post one update from them that might be longer than 1/2 hour? PLEASE.....

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I have just finished reading every single post in less than two days, why is there nothing for a year now? These Elders info has been so helpful, why no more?

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