Elder Messages 2/2014

Good evening dear Paula, yes we are here and ready also. We bring messages from The Almighty.


Tonight, we address several topics. We Elders have suggested subliminally that you pick up a few books of topics related to those we shall call “Travelers.” They come here to your precious Planet Earth in order that they are able to experience the richness of the human body form and the many interesting challenges and lessons present on this plane of existence.


Yes, some of these Travelers are from other planets, solar systems, galaxies, times, dimensions, and places. Your precious Planet Earth is experiencing rapid changes unseen in other galaxies due to the massive growth of both human and animal species, the collective evolution physically and spiritually, and your Earth’s pole shifts.


There is a uniqueness that is unsurpassed by any other place. And so you shall see more “interdimensional” activity due to the great interest garnered by these interesting times.


Now we change topics, please stand by. Thank you.


Regarding the spirit orb questions, we Elders feel we should clarify these concepts for you. At yesterday’s Gaiam taping of Spirit Talk, James Van Praagh said he thought there were more than one entity or spirit energy per spirit orb seen. This is not correct.


As you have felt, the orbs tend to be present with one intelligence or sentient being per orb. These represent the most stable form of energy that is easiest for a soul energy to occupy that is not in a physical body. Yes, they do come and respond to an individual’s state of mind. There are countless types of orbs, as well as numbers greater than grains of sand on a beach that may appear in any given place or time.


While it is true, that JVP postulated that getting spirit orbs in a photograph is related to the person taking the picture, this is not exclusively the case. Some spirit orbs may be representing the person in question’s spirit guides, Angels, family and friends no longer in a physical body, and so they are seen as orbs.


Of course, there are also FORMS of spiritual essence that can manifest in shapes other than orbs. The orb is just the most energy efficient shape a soul energy may use.


The aura photos showing some of us standing with you dear Paula, are a great example of this phenomenon. You kindly asked us to join you, and so some of us that are closest to you chose to stand with you to be revealed as part of your aura picture.


And so you see, dear Paula, spirit may take many, many forms. Just as you observed the widow’s husband standing with her, arm around her shoulders. His form was quite clear to you as he revealed himself to JVP. It had no shimmer as our energy does, but it was an invisible “presence” there with his wife nonetheless, eager for validation that he remained with her in so many ways, and for special occasions. This is a wonderful example of the many ways spirit may manifest.


We have delivered the message for this evening. We bid you good night and thank you for being available without being overly exhausted tonight. We are the Elders, Elohim.


The Orb picture was taken in our back yard, after asking the Angels to come protect our home during a spell of bad weather expected to hit shortly.

Yes dear Paula, we are here and ready also. We bring messages from The Almighty.


Tonight we discuss the situation at the Fukushima Nuclear Power complex. Even though there is general acknowledgement of the dire situation there, and the releases have not abated, there is a new threat that warning is warranted. We see a large explosion occurring there shortly that shall complicate matters a bit involving one of the previously unaffected reactors that shall involve the spent fuel rods. The fire that follows shall burn so furiously, that it shall consume most of the complex as water is used to dampen the fire and only makes it worse.


It shall be discovered that they have been burning plutonium, not uranium in these reactors. The realization of their omission shall garner international condemnation and the UN shall step in, in order that the International Atomic Energy Association may step in to get the situation in hand. There shall be many casualties, and Japan shall be isolated as uninhabitable for some tome. This is a direct result of their unwillingness to allow other countries to come to their aid because of their fear of being recognized as using an incorrect fuel source in their reactors. The United States Department of Energy shall be revealed to have sold Plutonium and radioactive depleted uranium and nickel for use in Japan’s TEPCO complex. And so it is.


We change topics now. Please stand by, thank you.


We see your friend Terri shall try to find the 93 year old man that has been missing for over a month. We Elders feel her efforts, along with the tips you have sent to her shall contribute to success in finding Fred’s car and remains.


We Elders have delivered tonight’s message and bid you good night. We are The Elders, Elohim.

Yes dear Paula, we are here and ready too. We bring messages from The Almighty.


Tonight we have several topics to touch upon. First, we Elders wish to give you feedback on your progress. As we observed and participated with you on Saturday, we gave you many opportunities to perform mediumship readings, and you did very well. The woman named R-A will call you. We “conspired” to get you two together in December, and again Saturday. You are to help mentor R-A in learning how to work with her channel known as The Arcturions. You accurately picked up on identifying her channel and the location she is to move to, which will allow her to be more comfortable and to flourish with her skills. Thank you.


We change topics now, please standby. Thank you.


There are other issues that are of great import right now. The issue about the environs around the old Rocky Flats plant needs to be brought forward again, as only you and your sister Susan can. We urge you to work together this week on a letter to the editor before the end of this week if possible, Thursday at the latest. This is a time critical issue that needs to be submitted within a short time frame. Thank you.


We switch topics again, please stand by. Thank you.


We are aware of the ongoing problems in the Fukushima area. The out of control nuclear power plant is still in a critical status, and the releases have not diminished as yet. This is another issue that requires public pressure in order that changes will occur. If you can encourage others to join in demanding an investigation into the current state of affairs, this can help.


We realize you are ready to turn in, so we shall bid you good night. We are The Elders, Elohim.

Hello dear Paula, yes we are here and ready too. We bring messages from The Almighty.


Tonight we address changing conditions on your precious planet Earth. This is rather like what others may describe as Earth changes as foretold by many, including the “sleeping prophet” known as Edgar Cayce. You shall see more discoveries of Atlantean structures in areas that cannot be denied that they are of the so-called “fabled” Atlantean civilization and continent. In fact, these discoveries shall aid in determining the real and correct timelines validating the existence of the Atlanteans.


In addition to these discoveries, there are more active volcanoes becoming more active in terms of actually erupting. This is necessary for your planet to have a “release” valve of sorts to blow off excess pressure. This is of course related to the previously discussed “Earth wobble” and the many difficulties posed by the sheer numbers of people and animal species on your planet right now, with violent weather and so on.


We have more messages…And now we change topics. Please stand by. Thank you.


Yes, the woman you described is one of your guides. She does have a somewhat “alien” appearance compared to the average human features. It’s the soft heart shaped face, small mouth, eyes, and lack of eyebrows with blonde hair combined that mark her as different.


She acknowledged to you that you need to have your back scanned. Now you had opportunity for someone at work to give you a massage today, and we feel it helped very much. If you have pain and continue to experience back trouble, we Elders suggest you do go in to get it looked at by your Doctor.


Yes, there is more. We congratulate you on being accepted for The Gathering Annual IQF Retreat. We know you shall make important connections at the retreat. The proposal from your friend Elizabeth, about attending Arthur Findlay College, is of course mean to be your “next adventure” after this IQF retreat. And so we Elders shall do our very best to help attract new clients and students, in addition to creating opportunities for more windfalls to enable the funds to be available for this next big trip. And so it is.


You shall be busy for the next few days in your office completing your reorganization and starting your taxes. We Elders shall do our best to encourage you to stick with it.


We realize you are tired and ready for bed. We shall bid you good night. We are The Elders, Elohim.

Good evening dear Paula. Yes we are here and ready for tonight’s session. We bring messages from The Almighty.


Tonight we address the flooding in Great Britain. These flood waters shall reach London and there may be some damage to those areas known as Parliament, St James hospital, City Hall, and other nearby locales that are sitting on the banks of the River Thames. The maritime museum shall need to be unmoored to weather the storm and ride it out.


We know you are very familiar with these areas, and know of the area of concern we are referring to. The Tower Bridge supports may sustain a bit of damage as well. All will be well as this too shall pass. These kinds of disasters act as a galvanizing force to bring people together as they work to overcome adverse conditions.


We understand you have had many things taking your attention of late. But we ask you to get your “transcriptions” caught up before we continue more sessions. We bid you good night. We are The Elders, Elohim.

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