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Paula is a kind-hearted, loving, joyful Earth Angel. Her compassion and kindness for everyone is incredible! Her healing light shines from afar and her messages are filled with love, hope, inspiration and insight.


I am truly blessed to have found her. Her healing light gave me the extra boost I needed to recover from my surgery. Paula also provided our family with the guidance, compassion and clarity that we needed through her messages.


Perfect timing, love, compassion, guidance and wisdom – these are her messages - the Elders.


Thanks Paula for everything you do for us and Planet Earth!


Love always!"



Terri Strauss, Medium & Psychic

Salon Owner, Hair I Am by Terri

Arlington, Washington


I have known Paula for about a year and when I found out she was doing messages from the Elders I had a chance to get some advice from them. They are right on where I need to go on my path. They knew I had issues with a family member and I needed to calm down and look at things in a calm mind. they also knew it was heavy on my heart and this was very true. I was so close the situation that I could not really see what I needed to do, until Paula and the Elders let me know.



I am very pleased with the messages she is able to receive for me, as well as our light worker friends. Keep up the positive work Paula. Thank the Elders for helping me out as well.


Rus Sullivan, Psychic Medium

Divinely Wrapped

Edmonds, Washington

(206) 542-6836


December 22, 2013


As a medium myself for most of my life, publicly for about the last 8 years or so, I still maintain a certain amount of skepticism, when it comes to Spirituality. I think it is a healthy way to grow given that the human race, overall, is known for its vulnerability and gullibility. I have learned over the years what intuition truly is and learned to use it and trust it with everything.


I first met Paula in the Spring of 2013 in a workshop in Richmond, B.C., that we both attended, given by Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell. My expectation of what a room full of psychic mediums would look like changed when I met Paula. Here was this quiet, yet confident, women with a true sense of spirit around her. I knew there was something special, something unique about her and my intuition was working overtime the more we met up in class. We enjoyed several days meeting up in class to study, learn and practice our mediumship skills with each other and the class and it wasn’t until several months later that I realized the unique gift that Paula had possessed.


Just as there are many messages that must reach us from beyond for healing, guidance, love and support, spirit uses just as many forms to get those messages to us. I happened to be on Facebook one day and came across this page on Elder Angels. It caught my eye and my curiosity and skepticism kicked in, so I decided to read more about it. I was surprised and amazed to find the person who was channeling and communicating with these beings was none other than, my classmate, Paula!


I immediately contacted her to ask questions as I was not familiar with this kind of interaction or communication from spirit and I was very curious. I also noticed from the page that Paula had a lot of channeled messages from a global perspective but I wondered if she could, would, receive messages on an individual perspective. Not knowing me or my partner very well and not having any contact with Paula in almost 6 months, I asked her if she would just mention our names to the Elders to see if there would be any messages or what, if anything, would come through regarding me, my partner, life etc.


Going through a rough patch in my life recently, I gave no details to Paula. She contacted me after her next channeling session and I was knocked off my chair with what she received from the Elders. She/They were spot on! Everything happening in my life was called out I even received suggestions, recommendations and guidance on moving forward. My partner, who is extremely introverted and shares nothing about his life with anyone, was very surprised by what was channeled via Paula. We were very humbled by the experience.  Knowing that the Angels knew what was happening in our lives and the things that we had been struggling with, had us a bit shocked at first, but nonetheless we felt very honored.


This is a unique and amazing gift that Paula has been blessed to receive from spirit. I support her in her endeavors to get these messages out to humankind. Our world needs healing and I am blessed to know someone who hears from a higher power, how to achieve this healing.


I no longer feel alone in my endeavors to bring that same healing on an individual level as a medium. Meeting Paula and witnessing her gift first-hand has renewed my hope for a better world. Living as a spiritual being in a body having a human experience is very challenging and sometimes very hard. It is a blessing to know we don’t have to do it alone. We are being looked after by Source in many ways and just knowing that brings comfort. It allows us the opportunity to remember who we are and that we are here to love and that we can let go of fear. Thank you Paula, for opening my eyes to yet another blessing in the never ending gifts of spirit.


Bright Blessings to you!




 Rus - Divinely Wrapped

Unwrapping the Gifts of Spirit

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