January 2014

Dear Readers, Thank you for your patience. Many of this month's Elder sessions have entailed personal messages that were not for publication for others to see.


A short messages was given the night of January 27, 2014 in response to a query about a 93 year old missing man from Washington State: Tonight, we have an elder man missing that you were asked about. We Elders see this 93 year old has had an accident and is in a deep ravine. We believe he will be found, but he has passed over already. They can salvage his vehicle, but he is done.


January 31, 2014 – Missing 93 Year Old & IQF

Yes dear Paula, we are here also. We acknowledge you were hearing us call out your name last night. We await your ready state, and understand when you need “down time.” Do not worry, we are not going anywhere, and shall be with you whenever you wish to have a session, thank you. We bring messages from The Almighty.


We are aware of the new endeavor you shall attend, and are rejoicing that you have taken the necessary steps to allow you to make these important connections. And it is meant to be, so it is.


Tonight, we address concerns about the missing 93 year old man. Of course, you know he has passed over to our side. His remains may not be found for some time due to weather and being hidden under brush, trees, and water. Both you and your friend Terri are correct. He is in his car that went off the road in a ravine, that is obscured by trees and water. It is sad for his family who would like to have closure and know what happened.


And so we Elders wish to transmit to you that you shall continue to get out, meet others, do readings and Reiki. However this retreat is where you shall be given far greater tools to work with that shall enhance and expand your abilities. We also realize you have been fatigued and need your rest. So we shall bid you good night until our next session.


We are The Elders, Elohim. 

January 12, 2014 - Earth Wobble and Magnetic Disruption

Hello, yes dear Paula, we are here and ready. We bring messages from The Almighty. Tonight, we discuss the state of the Earth's ecological balance. 
As you have previously received in our messages, your precious Earth has been "out of balance" in more ways than one. IN fact, the Earth has abeen struggling with its magnetic poles changing, which it does periodically. But this time, it has been burdened with the greatest population of both animals and humans than it has before. This has caused an imbalance that has made it difficult to complete its pole shift. As you and your sister Susan have noted, there has been "Earth wobble" as evidenced by the Earth's satellite moon shifting its position, sometimes on a daily basis. You expect it to rise and set at an approximate time from past experience. it should be visible to the South, then it is in the North, seemingly prematurely, not following its usual pattern. Yes, these are signs of "Earth wobble," or the pole shift attempts. Another symptom of this phenomenon is increased violent weather and earthquakes.
The disconnectedness of the masses has contributed to this out of balance Earth wobble effect. And so we Elders remind you how important each and every lightworker is, in this situation. Through the power of its people, even a small percentage of its masses, the efforts to "reconnect" the masses and to heal your precious planet Earth are vitally important. Every little bit shall help this process. 
And now we switch topics. Please standby, thank you.
As we discuss the role of its people, so must we address the actions of its world governments and global corporations. The manner in which they have conducted their business will not be tolerated much longer. It is extremely important that these entities be called accountable for the various "spills" contributing to the crippling of your delicate ecosystem. Especially in conjunction with the larger disasters such as the BP spill, oil shale and fracking, and the ongoing releases from Fukushima. This must be addressed by the common man and woman. The so-called leaders in large governments have continued conducting experimentation in the seas and atmosphere that have aggravated this situation. Yes, of course we are also referring to the Navy's deep sonar experiments, and the HAARP project. The Earth's magnetic fields have been terribly disrupted by these two programs. We Elders call attention to this in order that your citizen "activist" organizations may raise an outcry to put a stop to, or curtail these programs. 
We realize you must return to your duties, and so we shall bid you good day. Thank you for the earlier sitting.
We are The Elders, Elohim.

January 11, 2014 - Nuclear warning & feedback on fair

Good evening dear Paula, yes we are here and ready also. We bring messages from The Almighty.
Tonight we discuss the Tonowanda power plant. This facility has had a recent "event" that is releasing excess radiation to the nearby citizens but has not been reported. We Elders ask you to look into this and pass the word to your nuclear network. Thank you.
We change topics now, please standby, thank you.
As as we observed you today, you provided a tremendous service to people that wanted to try different therapies. We feel your preparation work paid off today to show you are going in the right direction with the new signage, etc. And so we see you shall be getting calls from some o fthe participants for follow up business in the next few weeks. The woman that managed the fair shall do her best to find space in order to include you for the April fair.


You had opportunities to "read" a few of your new clients, but we understand you were pressed for time in these circumstances. We would encourage you to continue your pursuit of getting into the Celebration Fair for March. It is important that you update Angela of the Boulder Healer's group for an activity so she can advertise for you in the next newsletter. So we urge you to think about a workshop you can advertise. And so it is.

We realize you are still tired from a long day, and shall close for the evening. Congratulations on a good healing day. We bid you good night.
We are The Elders, Elohim.

January 6, 2014 - Global Warming & Cold Spells

Yes, hello dear Paula, we are here and ready too. We bring messages from The Almighty.
Tonight, we address the "cold snap" across your continent. This is ironically associated with the so-called "global warming" as the temperatures are rising on the Earth in the oceans and other places. Yes, "warm air rises and cold air sinks." There is a higher level of warm air that is trapping the cold air close to the Earth. And so the large production of animals for consumption of the masses contributes much to this thermal layer. Similarly, the industry for oil and gas has also contributed much heat to your planet. Thirdly, the sheer mass of people currently residing on the planet also contributes to this global heat if you can consider it.
The solutions are elusive, but the results are not. To look around, one easily sees that the seasons are changing, seem to be off kilter, as well as the growth pattern for many. And so if anyone would like to change this issue of pervasive and wide spread cold spells, they should focus on how to reduce those three base causes we listed to reduce that heat that traps the cold.
We hate to tell you this, but the cold spell shall not end very quickly, so be prepared with warm clothes and shoes in the interim. We are going to close for now. We bid you good night.
We are The Elders, Elohim.

Jan 1, 2014 – Fukushima New Releases and Cleanup


Good evening dear Paula, yes we are ready too. We bring messages from The Almighty.


Tonight we discuss more issues associated with the Fukushima situation. It is troubling that representatives are enlisting the aid of these less fortunate homeless people as “disposable” cleanup workers. These people do not have the capacity to understand the risks of the very serious exposures to deadly levels of radiation for these cleanup jobs. In fact, they will not live longer than a month at best following their “so-called service to their country.” These people are truly sacrificing themselves for the good of the many.


It is similarly troubling that Japan’s government and TEPCO are not working in concert with the international community. It is out of fear of liability and loss of monies in their country more than anything else. It shall be a huge undertaking to STOP the releases, then attempt cleanup.


It is impossible to call back the massive water borne releases from these stricken reactors. The cooling waters have leaked. This is a vital lesson for the entire world to witness. The fallacy of “clean” nuclear power, the need for constant fuel rod storage, cooling pools, water exchanges and releases, and so on… It is literally a nightmare with far reaching consequences.


We have been tasked with enlightening the masses to the importance of shutting down ALL existing nuclear reactors, getting control of the waste and material potentially used for war applications, and in its place, replacing with renewal energy sources such as solar, geothermal, wind, and other energy sources. This is a necessary transition in order that your planet is allowed to continue existence in this dimension. The alternative is highly concerning with escalation of new ways in which “hackers” and terrorists are thinking of getting attention. And so it is necessary to address where your civilization is to meet their energy needs. And so it is.


And now we switch topics. Please stand by, thank you.


We see the points made by your daughter Jennifer about punctuation. As we indicated before, feel free to correct or modify our messages as you see fit, as long as the basic message remains intact. We do appreciate your efforts to make our sentences a little smoother when our “translator” is a little garbled, or ahem, you are too tired, ha. And now about the Elohim sign off. You are correct; this in fact does designate a sort of “rank” in our hierarchy. As we transmit our messages to you, yes we do tend to be a little abrupt with our sign off. If you feel this warrants better punctuation, you may feel free to express it as you see fit.


It is quite late, and so we shall end for now. Marking the start of a New Year, we send you our heartiest blessings for a good start to this New Year and bid you good night.


We are The Elders, Elohim.

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