Dec 28, 2013 – Earth Changes


Yes dear Paula, we are here and ready. The Almighty has tasked us with more messages.


Tonight, we address the Earth changes going on. It seems a disaster occurs on one side of the planet, then another in a diagonal on the other side, as if it were balancing itself. There have been the so-called super hurricanes, super typhoons, floods, earthquakes, fires, and volcano’s erupting. Imagine the planet as an entity that is shrugging its shoulders to “right” itself. These occurrences shall continue for some time; however your area remains relatively safe.


And now we change topics to the information you are seeing in the “Edgar Cayce Reincarnated?” book. We Elders understand some information may seem farfetched, but we are tasked with validating to you that every word and issue discussed in this book is absolutely true. The Almighty utilizes many aspects of information “channels” through vessels such as you. Some are given names that seem exotic or out of this world, and of course they are!


If one looks at the content of these channeled messages, one shall see there are common threads that are easily discerned. We would call out issues such as the so-called “Natural Disasters” occurring that are associated with the spiritual disconnectedness of the masses, which is also associated with grinding poverty and terrible conditions.


This is a common theme, as each channel is validating the other, all the while having NO contact with each other, or knowledge of each other’s channeled information. It is valid. And So It Is.


The other area we are to discuss has come up several times – that of so-called “UFO’s” or extraterrestrial entities present or visiting your precious planet. Of course this is also valid and true. These more advanced civilizations have been here since the Earth was first formed. However they are supposed to avoid detection and interaction. There shall be a time NOT TO FAR in the future that the general public will be made aware of these different species presence “en masse.” When the time is right for your species to become aware of them, and work together as a team to solve the most difficult ecological crises together.


This would include the serious contamination of the Earth’s waters in the Gulf of Mexico from the BP and other oil spills, and Japan’s Fukushima ruined reactors releases. There are of course other areas of concern, but these two are the most egregious that require intervention on an immediate basis.


We Elders could go on, but it is quite late and you must work in the morning, so we shall bid you good night. We are The Elders. Elohim.

Dear Friends, 


The Elders have continued to provide information sessions over these days, however they're messages have been personal ones for others that have not been posted. Should the individuals give permission for their messages to be anonymized and posted, you will see those dates and messages come up on this Elder's blog.


Thank you for understanding there are gaps due to others' requesting sessions.


Blessings, Paula

Dec 29, 2013 – Airborne Releases


Yes dear Paula, we are here too, and are ready. We bring messages from The Almighty.


The answer is yes, we Elders, along with your guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, “afterlife family” and Archangels do stimulate your intuition about the evening’s message by means of bringing your attention to various topics and issues beforehand.


Tonight, we share information that there has been a series of recent releases from Fukushima that are airborne releases from the spent fuel rod transfers. This has caused problems as far as your continent’s northwestern coastline.


It is extremely critical to do your best to show support, while at the same time to protect one’s self. We shall direct you to check out some resources on these issues.


It is already late, you are tired after a long work day, and so we bid you good night.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

Dec 26, 2013 – Compassionate Love


Good evening dear Paula, yes we are here awaiting your ready signal. We bring messages from The Almighty. Tonight, we are tasked with addressing larger issues regarding Earth Changes.


The Creator has seen what is currently happening, and that there are more people striving to create balance. In particular, there is encouragement regarding the Catholic Church’s Pope Francis, who is a humble servant of God and of the people he serves. This man is single handedly setting a fine example for religious people, and those we call Spiritual light workers. This pleases The Almighty.


And so dear Paula, we watch and listen as you too explain charity for those of greater need, and are proud that you too are an excellent example of a shining light worker. We are not saying you are perfect or not flawed as all humans are to some extent, but nevertheless a fine example of aspiring to be in the spiritual flow of higher understanding and compassion.


In fact, the message tonight is about those very things. Divine love, compassion for your fellow beings, whether human or animal, and charity or selfless nonjudgmental giving of oneself or of one’s goods. ‘Tis the season to find that bit of compassionate love within yourself that can be warmed a bit and shared with one another.


This is the Spirit of The Almighty. Pure compassionate and nonjudgmental love for All that Is. We encourage all to get into that flow of loving kindness for themselves and others. This is the ONE THING that you can do, that does more to heal your precious Planet Earth, and to help the masses to rediscover their Spiritual connectedness than any other thing combined. And So It Is.


We have delivered this evening’s message, and bid you good night.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

Dec 17, 2013 – Fukushima and Family


Good evening dear Paula, yes we are here and ready too. We bring messages from The Almighty.


Tonight we address growing concerns about the releases from Fukushima. It is of the utmost importance and primary concern that the eyes of the world be fixed upon this nuclear facility to assess the spread of contamination and to monitor the ongoing releases. Japan cannot be allowed to operate this facility without international oversight.


The very broad swath of contamination has been carried by the currents all the way across the Pacific Ocean to the upper North American coastline. The effects include fishing, hunting, consumption, and recreational use.


We understand that this is a horrific message, but it is important to get it put “out there” for all to see, and to spur people to right action to work together to solve this crisis. And so it is.


Please stand by as we change topics, thank you.


Your earthly father John wishes to transmit a message for your sister Susan: “Paula this is your father. I want to you to tell Susan I enjoyed being with her for her birthday. I want to thank you for making her day a special one. Yes, you’re honking in the tunnels is a nice remembrance of our time together. I thank you for the fond memories. I am so glad that you two can do fun things together. Know that I am with you often, and enjoy watching over you, Susan, and the rest of the family.


Your mother is very distressed about the passing of Wayne’s brother Kenny. Please let them know he is here and is very busy working on his life review and life lessons. He knew his time to cross over had drawn close. Kenny has no regrets. His life lessons included both good and bad experiences, all of which contributed to his soul growth. His wife Dee shall pass not too long after him, and he shall be waiting for her when she does. I wanted to be the one to relay these messages.


I thank The Elders for allowing me to communicate part of tonight’s message to you. I will come through again. I love you dear. Good night.”


And so we resume. We felt it would be good to allow John to address Susan’s birthday message, and Wayne’s brother Kenny’s passing, since he is following events affecting his earthly family still.


The messages have been delivered for this evening and we bid you good night.


We are The Elders. Elohim.



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