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Nov 14, 2013 – Otherworldly Issues…continued


Yes dear Paula, we are here and ready also. We come with messages from The Almighty. Tonight, we continue the message from our last session. The Almighty has tasked us with preparing your Earth’s inhabitants for an eventual meeting or realization of other off world visitors.


There is concern about the level of disconnectedness of the masses causing violent weather and greater numbers of people turning violent. The Almighty asks that all available light workers do their best to send healing and calming energy to the precious planet Earth as well as its inhabitants. It is of great urgency that efforts be stepped up to assist “Mother Earth” to renew and heal from the many insults of the past century’s over use and pollution.


It all ties in together: The governmental and corporate corruption, the pollution, the disconnectedness of the Earth’s masses of people, and the violent weather patterns. These are all correctable situations, but it requires that people stop their idle and brain numbing activities long enough to send out focused thought for the well being of ALL on your planet.


To explain it better, imagine you are going to visit someone where you have never been to before. Would you pick a civilization that is living in harmony with one another that cherishes its “Host Planet” by using its resources wisely and sustainably? Or would you choose to go visit a civilization that is in deplorable and desperate condition, with untold numbers of its inhabitants similarly in a desperate, inharmonious state, unable to sustain itself?


You MUST ALL begin to take the long view to help heal the whole planet and its inhabitants. And so it is.


We have delivered tonight’s message. We are The Elders. Elohim.


Nov 13, 2013 – Otherworldly Issues


Good evening dear Paula, yes we are here and ready. We bring messages from The Almighty. Tonight, we discuss the nature of the universe and the Earth’s role in the scheme of things. As you know, we alluded to your planet being only one of a myriad of habitable planets that are able to sustain advanced organisms and cultures.


It is true. There is a wondrous variety of species, each uniquely adapted for the conditions in which they live. While some of these other civilizations may be more advanced than yours, all beings of that stature and intelligence know they are not to interfere with another civilization of lesser intelligence or technology. Such is the case with your planet Earth.


Of course, you have had “visitors” from several of these other intelligent civilizations, who were curious about your stage of development on this timeline. But they left after being noticed, so as to not “disturb” the native intelligent and self-aware species on your planet.


The various sightings over the years describe a few of the representative races involved, but it is considered a “fluke” if anyone can recall their appearance or description now.


The Almighty has tasked us with enlightening the masses that you are truly “not alone” in the universe, when you evolve to the point where (off world) visitors would do their best to communicate with you, the general population shall be ready for a communication such as this.


Dear Paula, we know you are exhausted, so we shall pick this up later. We bid you good night.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

Nov 10, 2013 – Casualties from typhoon & R.S.


Yes dear Paula, we are here. We understand you have concerns regarding the super typhoon and questions from your friend R.S.


Let us address the casualties from the typhoon first. Clearly this is a tragedy of incredible proportions. Yet considering the magnitude of the storm system that could have obliterated the Philippines completely, casualties are relatively few. Yes, many people have decided to pass over at this time. The numbers seem high, but represent a small proportion of the population of this area. After the storm passes, more people will be found alive than previously expected. And so it is.


[Personal message redacted to protect privacy.] We have delivered the message for now.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

Nov 7, 2013 – Redefining Reality 


Yes we’re here. Good evening, dear Paula. We bring messages from The Almighty.


Tonight we address Earth changes going on now. There is great concern about potential loss of life in the Philippines from the so-called super-typhoon. Be assured that we Angels are on the job. Amazingly, there will be few casualties compared to the destructive forces present in this weather system.


Again, we submit to you the issue of these violent weather systems being associated with not just the disconnectedness of the masses, but the worry, fear, and yes, hatred that has settled in to so many. These are such useless and destructive of all human emotions, and yet many are trapped or enthralled by the negative energy that is part of that way of thinking. These all contribute to collective thought forms that in turn affect the Earth’s weather patterns.


You see dear Paula, we Elders and all the Hierarchies’ of “Heaven,” or our dimension are in Harmony with one another, and our tasks or lessons that we are engaged in to serve The Almighty. We are unburdened by the needs of those in human or animal form. We do not struggle to survive. We. Just. Are. Part of All That Is. We help humanity, the animal kingdoms, the creatures of the oceans, and yes, your precious planet Earth in any way we can.


But your Free Will is the determining factor in whatever goes on in your physical reality. If more people were enlightened, they would effort to be positive, learn to live and walk in love and compassion. This can indeed change your world in so many, uncountable ways.


To accept one another, to see the individual next to you in the store, that may not be as fortunate as yourself. Perhaps they may be dirty, not well kept at all. To see them with compassionate love can make all the difference in that person’s life and reality. Imagine that! To be accepted for who you are, and at whatever stage of development, or regardless of whatever life lessons that person has chosen to experience?


Yes dear Paula, we are with you. We were suggesting the idea you were thinking as you observed less fortunate ones at the pet supply store. You saw them for what they were buying supplies for their beloved pets that give them unconditional love. That is the lesson we wish others to take away from this message tonight.


To see others through a filter of sorts. But it is the filter of compassionate love. And if you see someone struggling, don’t hesitate to offer help in any way you can. It can allow them to experience even a few moments of Divine Love and Grace…just enough to help lift them up and see another reality besides whatever “rut” they may have gotten stuck in.


And so dear Paula, we close tonight’s message with a thank you for your example of compassionate love extended to the family at the grocery store needing help with a healthy choice and to experience a few moments of pure acceptance.


We are proud of how you conduct yourself and accept others. We Elders encourage you to continue what you have been doing, and ask you to remind your fellow light worker friends that encouragement and positive prayer are still needed in so many areas. We thank them for their support and efforts.


We thank you and bid you goodnight.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

Nov 2, 2013 – Renewal Energy Issues


Good evening dear Paula. Yes we are here and ready too. We bring messages from The Almighty.


We would like to address current events tonight. The Almighty has tasked us to express concern regarding the overuse of certain resources on this precious planet Earth. In particular, the so-called “Fracking” in which the practice is neither cost effective, or a safe practice.  The Almighty is pleased that there are people that have raised the alarm about this practice, and would encourage further dialogue about the safety of this “Fracking” in public forums.


In the same vein, the situation in Japan has not changed for the better as yet regarding the Fukushima Daiichi reactor crisis.


These types of energy usage are inherently unsafe and so The Almighty is hopeful that the ongoing widespread release from this serious nuclear accident shall ignite or galvanize the public to cease power consumption supported by nuclear power in ordr that the necessary infrastructure for renewable energy sources can be established. The powers that be do not seem to have sufficient incentive to comply with the safer alternatives as yet, and so The Almighty tasks us with encouraging those groups focusing on nuclear issues to press forward with their cause to eliminate nuclear power. This seems to have corporate and governmental support primarily to support military aspirations.


And so we have delivered the message for tonight. We trust you will do your best to post this in the appropriate venue for others to consider and assist passing it on. Thank you.


We bid you good night.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

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