The Elders 10/2013

Oct 14, 2013 – Recovery after Traumatic Injury & Relationship with Money


Dear Paula, yes we are here with you. And yes, you were channeling our Presence to help heal your friend, but that is all right. We serve many functions, and are happy to help. We “hear” your thoughts about your experience with the previous channel Rachel, and it is a bit amusing.


[I should explain that reference: I was in a medium group in the 1970’s. As a natural healer and medium, I was focusing on making a nice big energy ball to put on an injured knee of a young girl there that needed help. The woman acting as the main channel “receiver” was waiting to start and said that is odd, the channel isn’t coming in. She looked at me and saw what I was doing. She said well, no wonder the channel isn’t coming in – you’re making an energy ball with Rachel’s energy. I let the energy ball go and we started the evening’s session shortly afterward (oops, my bad).]


We bring messages from The Almighty. We understand you are asking for guidance for your friend M.H.’s sister-in-law M.J.H. Yes, she has had a very serious traumatic injury. As you requested, we have many Angels on the job to help assist M.J. to get through the worst stages of her recovery. She shall need more surgeries, but it is already getting easier for her. Each surgery has lessened the pressure of displaced bones and cartilage which affords tremendous pain relief for her. She is “drifting” in and out of her body to allow her a break from the pain and shock of her injuries. She has chosen to stay in this physical incarnation for now, and so she will recover. It will take some time, and the physical therapy will be arduous, but it is a life lesson that she has chosen to experience on a soul level.


All the people praying, sending healing energy, and the Presence of her Angels have helped M.J. make tremendous progress already. Know that she is being surrounded by light beings as if she were in a cocoon, to protect her as she returns to her mending body. We Elders are also watching over her and family as requested, and we encourage all to continue to keep M.J. in your prayers until she reaches a good milestone in her stabilization and recovery. We thank you.


And now, we turn our attention to other matters.


You, dear Paula, are considering a sort of mini seminar on improving your relationship with money. We Elders think this is a good idea. As with many light workers, you too have in previous lifetimes taken vows of poverty, or lived lifetimes of service to others without taking compensation. These are long ingrained habits of a monk or wise woman that no longer serve your highest good in today’s environment and times.


And so We Elders feel this is a fine opportunity to get advice and help in removing these many lifetimes of money blockages or rejection thinking released and rooted out as it would be referred to. We encourage you to use this opportunity to move forward into the abundance you so richly deserve. You have lived so many lifetimes of service to The Almighty and to humanity, this is for YOUR highest good. And so it is.


We have delivered the message for the evening. We bid you goodnight.


We are The Elders. Elohim.


Oct 12, 2013 – India & Japanese Disaster Areas


Hello, yes dear Paula, we are here awaiting your “ready” signal. We bring messages from The Almighty. Tonight, The Almighty has tasked us with discussing more world affairs. There is great concern for the peoples of India and Japan. There is violent weather that will devastate parts of India, and it shall take some time for recovery.


The Japanese crippled reactors at Fukushima Daiichi are continuing to have these so-called “meltdowns,” and the severity of the situation has been downplayed and covered up. There is need for international oversight and testing to determine the extent of releases, assessing the current state of the situation, and how to stop it.


This will change the “landscape” of this area on a permanent basis. Areas that have not been recognized as unsafe will be identified as evacuation zones that should never be inhabited again, similar to Chernobyl. And so the ground shall be deemed to contaminated for any human, animal, or farming use.


This area shall have “fresh eyes” not associated with TEPCO or the Japanese government that will raise the alarm that a wide area of the seas are also to be avoided. This area has been irrecoverably contaminated, and so it must be abandoned for many miles around. And so it is.


We Elders see new technology coming forward, along with a number of brave souls willing to sacrifice themselves in order to stop this “runaway” nuclear plant.  It shall be brought under control and capped, but it will demand international cooperation in order to accomplish this.


We ask that all light workers renew their healing and prayer energy to be focused on this area to help those involved until the situation has stabilized. We thank you. We have delivered this evening’s message.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

Oct. 9, 2013 – Earth Changes


Dear Paula, yes we are here and ready also. We bring messages from The Almighty. For tonight’s message, we turn to The Almighty’s plan for All That Is. The so-called Earth plane is undergoing changes right now. Some are necessary in order for your precious planet to survive. It is as if “she” is shaking off encumbrances that have held her down.


Some of these changes are traumatic for many, and of course this includes loss of both property and lives as violent weather occurs in areas needing this “cleansing” effect. As you already know, some of this violent weather can be directly correlated to the prevalent attitude and sense of disconnectedness of the many in a given area.


Please know that some of these events are absolutely avoidable, and some are meant to “be.” And so the efforts of light workers are greatly appreciated, never wasted, as the cleansing and healing energy or prayers sent out do make a difference.


In fact, it is the most effective means at your disposal to assist those disconnected soils to experience a greater good of being connected and rediscovering their Divine connection or Spirituality. When the masses are uplifted by this “common good” that comes after a natural disaster, they realize they are NOT alone, and that we are there to also help.


Yes dear Paula, you are noticing Our Presence flickering about you. We ask you to let your sister Susan know that we are watching over her, and all of your family and friends as asked. All is well, and happens as it should. Yes, newer vehicles are coming to you however the time frames are unclear. Regardless of the timing, taking the time to make sure your current vehicles are mechanically sound and improved in appearance will pay off later on. So we encourage you to get both in tip top shape. And so it is.


We bid you good night. We are The Elders. Elohim.

Oct 5, 2013 – Extreme Weather


Good evening dear Paula. Yes we are here and ready. We come with messages from The Almighty. Tonight we shall address the weather fluctuations occurring on your precious Earth. We would call your attention to the political happenings in your section of the planet – this so-called government shut down in the United States.


You might make the connection that the sudden extreme weather is coinciding with this political event. YES, we are saying that it is related. The increasing fear and disconnectedness of the masses has contributed to the weather becoming more extreme again, with the huge Midwest storms, tornadoes, and the like.


As we see it on our side, the increases in extreme weather are directly associated with the fear of the people. Again, this is a good example as to why it is vital that all light workers contribute a small amount of their daily time and energy to helping heal and calm the rest of humanity.


You see, dear Paula, the few can save the many. It is vitally important that the other light workers do their part to keep those less spiritually fortunate in mind to help their upliftment too.


It is not just your country that is experiencing this phenomenon. Traditionally spiritual places such as India, Japan, and the Middle East are very troubled right now. All can use the healing and prayers of the Enlightened Ones or light workers. Please include Japan with their serious environmental problems that are affecting the Pacific Ocean.


We Elders ask you to catch up the last few posts and to spread the word for the other light workers to energetically work together to cast a large net of prayer or healing energy for your, and the other troubled areas to assist us, the other Angelic heirarchies, and The Almighty in this important task. We thank you.


We have delivered the message for tonight and bid you good night. We are The Elders. Elohim.

Oct 4, 2013 – Recalibrating & Outreach Suggestions


Yes dear Paula, we are here also. Thank you for making yourself available tonight. We understand you have had to “play catch up” from your trip. The accompanying photo is the changing foliage from the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, NC, USA.


And so we Elders bring messages from The Almighty. There is concern over the escalating so-called “crazy behavior” of the few disconnected souls that acts like a trigger of sorts for others that may be somewhat on the edge of their “sanity” also. The coverage on the news tends to reinforce their instability.


During this time period of “recalibration” of the light workers and others in which adjustments are taking place for the good of all, those that have not tolerated these energetic changes as well tend to “fall apart at the seams.”


We Elders are still tasked with finding avenues for reaching out to the masses of disconnected souls to help them re-connect with their spirituality and Angelic beings tasked with watching out for their well being.


Therefore, dear Paula, We Elders ask that you and your light worker friends help to uplift those in dire need.


We ask you to extend your outreach efforts to send our messages to more people. We are curious about this outreach tool called “Twitter,” and ask you to check this out as a viable tool for our messages to go out. Thank you.


And so as we close for the evening, we remind you that resuming a regular schedule for these sittings will help you to keep progressing with your skills.


We commend you for making the effort to make connections and deliver messages during your trip as we had hoped would occur.


We bid you good night and wish you well.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

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