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Oct 14, 2013 – Traumatic Injury & Relationship w/$

Oct 14, 2013 – Recovery after Traumatic Injury & Relationship with Money


Dear Paula, yes we are here with you. And yes, you were channeling our Presence to help heal your friend, but that is all right. We serve many functions, and are happy to help. We “hear” your thoughts about your experience with the previous channel Rachel, and it is a bit amusing.


[I should explain that reference: I was in a medium group in the 1970’s. As a natural healer and medium, I was focusing on making a nice big energy ball to put on an injured knee of a young girl there that needed help. The woman acting as the main channel “receiver” was waiting to start and said that is odd, the channel isn’t coming in. She looked at me and saw what I was doing. She said well, no wonder the channel isn’t coming in – you’re making an energy ball with Rachel’s energy. I let the energy ball go and we started the evening’s session shortly afterward (oops, my bad).]


We bring messages from The Almighty. We understand you are asking for guidance for your friend M.H.’s sister-in-law M.J.H. Yes, she has had a very serious traumatic injury. As you requested, we have many Angels on the job to help assist M.J. to get through the worst stages of her recovery. She shall need more surgeries, but it is already getting easier for her. Each surgery has lessened the pressure of displaced bones and cartilage which affords tremendous pain relief for her. She is “drifting” in and out of her body to allow her a break from the pain and shock of her injuries. She has chosen to stay in this physical incarnation for now, and so she will recover. It will take some time, and the physical therapy will be arduous, but it is a life lesson that she has chosen to experience on a soul level.


All the people praying, sending healing energy, and the Presence of her Angels have helped M.J. make tremendous progress already. Know that she is being surrounded by light beings as if she were in a cocoon, to protect her as she returns to her mending body. We Elders are also watching over her and family as requested, and we encourage all to continue to keep M.J. in your prayers until she reaches a good milestone in her stabilization and recovery. We thank you.


And now, we turn our attention to other matters.


You, dear Paula, are considering a sort of mini seminar on improving your relationship with money. We Elders think this is a good idea. As with many light workers, you too have in previous lifetimes taken vows of poverty, or lived lifetimes of service to others without taking compensation. These are long ingrained habits of a monk or wise woman that no longer serve your highest good in today’s environment and times.


And so We Elders feel this is a fine opportunity to get advice and help in removing these many lifetimes of money blockages or rejection thinking released and rooted out as it would be referred to. We encourage you to use this opportunity to move forward into the abundance you so richly deserve. You have lived so many lifetimes of service to The Almighty and to humanity, this is for YOUR highest good. And so it is.


We have delivered the message for the evening. We bid you goodnight.


We are The Elders. Elohim.


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22.04 | 10:31

New messages are coming soon after a hiatus. Thank you for your patience and support.

20.03 | 13:37

Hi Cookie, Thank you for your insightful comments! I will private message you due to space limitations here. Short answer: it will resume shortly.

20.03 | 13:08

We (myself and the masses)need this info from the Elders, couldn't you post one update from them that might be longer than 1/2 hour? PLEASE.....

20.03 | 13:05

I have just finished reading every single post in less than two days, why is there nothing for a year now? These Elders info has been so helpful, why no more?

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