The Elders 10/2013

Oct 31, 2013 – Special Message from Dad


Hello dear Paula, yes we are ready as well. We know you have felt our Presence for the past hour while we awaited your ready signal. We bring Messages from The Almighty.


As you know, on this All Hallow’s Eve, the veil is thinnest as your lore goes. As you ask that your family and friends that have passed remain close, we do have messages for you. Your Earthly father John has been waiting for his opportunity to come through. He thanks you for extending your gift of healing to your Earthly mother Betty. He truly feels that helped her to improve sufficiently to get closer to becoming better. Now we allow him to speak directly to you.


“Paula, this is your father. I asked The Elders to allow me to be a part of your development as you work on receiving messages, and they have kindly included me on several occasions. I am very proud of what you have accomplished so far, and how you have been able to help others needing advice that have asked you to receive guidance on their behalf.


Now I would like to address family matters. It concerns me that there has been contention in the family since my passing that has distressed the grandkids. I see Jennifer trying to figure out how to broker a “peace” between everyone, and I am proud of her for wanting to do it. Please don’t wait until your mother passes to mend family fences. It is important to me that you all get along and are there to support one another.


Your sister XY has been so alone in many ways. She does not have or enjoy a close relationship like you and Susan have. She has suffered loss of her beloved pets, and the devastating flood that has displaced her. I know you two have offered her sanctuary, but due to the communications issues with each other and her daughter XZ, this would not work. I know her dog would be traumatized by your cats too.


I have been spending time with XY to help her feel supported, along with her many spirit guides and Angels. So again, I ask you to find it in your hearts to look beyond any past hurts or quibbling amongst yourselves, and get on with practicing loving kindness and unconditional love between ALL of the family. It would mean a lot to both your mother and I.


I know you have been working with Susan to help her release old pain, fear, and grudges so she can accept and love herself. This is a big step towards her own recovery from years of abuse and trauma. Being able to recover from many past slights and negative experiences would help her tremendously in being able to heal her relationship with self and others. I see you and Susan getting ready to go out to do a fair coming up. I am so glad to see you two going out to enjoy being out in public again. I will do my best to “help” bring people to you.


I expect to see all of you getting together in some form over the next few months, and encourage you to do your best to help this get together to go smoothly.


The Elders are ready to resume. I will close with extending greetings to you from all of the family on this side. I see my parents once in a while, your Aunts Jeanne and Mary, and your mother’s parents. Of course there are others, and I must say they are all very interested in what you are doing. You may hear from some of them from time to time. I must go now. I know you love and miss me, but I am with you too. I love you dear, good night.”


We shall resume now. Please redirect yourself. We felt on a special night such as this one, it would be a wonderful opportunity to allow John to transmit much of tonight’s message. We thank you for going over to extend your healing services for your mother Betty as requested. Yes, her prayers for Angelic help and healing were heard and conveyed to you, so she would get help right away.


We will resume other topics in our next session. We bid you good night.


We are The Elders. Elohim.


(Posted with names by permission-who hasn't had issues like these?)

Oct. 29, 2013 - Requested Mssg for Jim and Rus Sullivan


Yes dear Paula, we are here awaiting your ready signal. We bring messages from The Almighty. We understand you have a request for guidance for your friends *Rus and Jim Sullivan. 

We are highly amused by these two spiritual and humorous gentlemen. They are the embodiment of what Holy Spirit should be. They are in tune with their intuition and the needs of others, while allowing themselves the freedom to be playful and happy. 


And so we extend our heartiest greetings to Rus and Jim, along with encouragement to "carry on" with the amazing and insightful guidance and spiritual counseling they are providing for their friends and clients. We send blessings to Rus and Jim. And so it is.
We change topics now, please stand by, thank you.

Dear Paula, we realize you have had a very busy day. We would encourage you to do your best to look in on your earthly mother **Betty, and to extend your healing services to her. She is having difficulty fighting the respiratory infection off. 

We thank you. It is late, and so we bid you good night. We are The Elders. Elohim.

*Rus and Jim Sullivan are talented mediums, doing business in the Seattle, WA area and online as Unwrapping the Gifts of Spirit at 

**I called my mother the next morning to tell her I was coming over to do a healing session with her. She told me she had asked the Angels to come on their wings to bring her healing relief. And The Elders conveyed it to me independently…definitely not a coincidence.

Posted with permission of all parties.

Oct 21, 2013 – Family Questions Addressed for X.X.


Hello dear Paula. Yes of course we are here and can do a session whenever you would like to. We understand you have a request from your friend X.X. about issues associated with her family.


Yes there are endless drama's associated with the complex interactions of so many people. These so-called dramas are life lessons in disguise so to speak, rather like a parable. Someone has a lesson that is experienced through someone else's actions, and in turn the other person has a lesson to learn, or are the vehicle for the other's lesson. This may be a cyclic occurrence until the core lesson has been learned. We understand this is a delicate situation in which the young man desires to move on, release his anger, stress, and anxiety, and yet there is family involved that do not understand his need to move on with his life.


This seems to be a very large extended family, that are very interconnected with one another. We understand the need for tact in any guidance given. Whatever has passed before is in the past. There is need to look forward in envisioning how and in what form the family may continue these close connections. All must come from a place of loving kindness and compassion. Love is the glue that holds All That Is together. Everyone has their own needs and ability to fill their own needs. The important thing is that in filling their needs, that they do not cause upset, bitterness, anger, resentment, or unmet expectations in another that are intolerable. This can be a difficult "line" to toe. What is acceptable to one may not be for another.


To look at the entire group dynamic would be to say the best thing to express is that a given action is for the highest good of all. With respect to the young one, little J., she is very resilient, more so than anyone realizes. Deep in her core, she knows her mother is with her. On a day to day life experience, she knows that their lives are changing, and that is inevitable despite her feelings of conflict over loyalty to both mother and father.


And so We Elders recommend that the extended family and friends BOND over what serves the highest good of all concerned in compassionate love. There is no room for territorialism or jealousy. If the widowed husband M. desires to find a new companion, he must go out and meet people. Allow him this space. Be loving. Ask what you can do to make his life a little easier. Perhaps allowing the young girl an opportunity to visit relatives overnight so her father may have occasional "date nights" may be of service in a nonjudgmental fashion.


If you need help in expressing our guidance, you may condense this message and express it as your own. And so it is. We extend our greetings and bid you goodbye. We are The Elders. Elohim. 


(Posted with permission from X.X.)

Oct 19, 2013 – Addressing Personal Questions from X.X.


Yes dear Paula, we are here…we bring messages from The Almighty. We understand your friend X.X. has requested guidance regarding a personal situation. We would like you to convey our condolences for her loss. L. is with us and has a message for her. She wants X.X. and the rest of her family to know she is okay and at peace on our side known as the Afterlife.  She has been kept busy working on her life review, in counseling to deal with her life lessons to determine if she “hit her marks,” or would like to repeat any of her lessons in her next incarnation.  Otherwise her time is spent at the Universal Library with many others working on her personal goals. Of course she looks in on her family frequently and marvels at how quickly X.X.’s children are growing. We shall redirect ourselves now. Please stand by. Thank you.


X.X. has asked for additional advice. Allow us to take a moment to look into her situation.


We Elders see a young woman that has far too much “on her plate” to do on a daily basis. Of course she is occupied with her children, but it is vital that she do her best to reorganize her house and daily activities to allow herself maximum benefit for her own highest good. She does no one else any good when she is in an exhausted state. We Elders encourage X.X. to develop time within her busy schedule to be available for what we call “me time,” whether it is to take a restful nap, go out with friends, or to simply pamper herself with personal services once in a while.


We see that she is also very talented with her intuition as another light worker. In order to expand her intuition and perhaps do counseling or readings for others, X.X. will need to rely on others to help her to carve out some time to allow herself to work on having personal development time daily. This can be as simple as ½ hour to situate her thoughts, meditate, or to stimulate her 3rd eye center and crown to sit in silence and allow Spirit Guides to come through clearly. She is very talented, so we encourage development in this area. We need as many light workers as we can get. Thank you. We Elders would also recommend that X.X. begin to journal some of her activities and dreams so she may encourage her Divine connection with Source to be strengthened.


It is our pleasure to help in any way we can. We have delivered tonight’s message. We bid you good night. We are The Elders. Elohim.


(Posted with permission from X.X.)

Oct 18, 2013 – Addressing Chemtrail Question


Dear Paula, yes we are here awaiting your “ready signal.” We Elders bring messages from The Almighty. Yes of course we will answer questions from your friend P. Z. She has legitimate concerns about the # signs of chemical trails, known as chemtrails in her area.


These symbols or grid patterns signal how many “passes” or flights have been done in a given area so the various pilots involved in this program know the work has been done for that area. The concern secondary to these chemical trails might be what it is, or the purpose. These chemtrails are now seen around the world as an international treaty or understanding of sorts has been brokered to allow this activity behind the scenes. The purpose is to “mask” what is referred to as global warming so the masses do not become aware of how much this precious planet Earth has been affected by the overpopulation of humans and animals such as livestock cultivated as a food source for humans. This shall continue as long as necessary. However it should be explained that due to these “artificial clouds” in otherwise drought stricken areas, there may be other weather phenomena occur in the form of more severe weather patterns. And so it is.


We Elders are aware of your injury today dear Paula. Please know that we shall help facilitate this healing quickly so your regular schedule is not affected too much. And so we are keeping tonight’s message short so you can get needed healing rest.


We bid you good night. We are The Elders. Elohim.


(Posted with permission from P.Z.)

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