The Elders September 2013 Messages

Sept 25, 2013 – Message from pet that passed for B.S.


Dear Paula, yes we are here with you. Of course we are always with you, awaiting your “ready signal” when you make yourself available to us.


We Elders understand you had very little sleep last night, and a very busy travel day today. The answer is yes, we were reminding you about items you may need for this trip last night.


We have a little dog spirit here associated with your friend B.S. He wanted to greet her and thank her for her loving kindness, especially when it was his time to pass. She was a wonderful friend to him, and he sends his love.


And now, dear Paula, we insist that you turn in now for much needed rest. We shall catch up later. We bid you good night.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

The Elders Messages – Sept 18, 2013 – Afterlife family message


Yes dear Paula, we are here and ready. We understand you have requested we address several issues for you. [Names were removed for privacy]


As you know, We Elders tend to “hang out” with you, and so as you discussed with your Earthly mother BJE, we shall address your Earthly father JPE’s last message for your sister LRE. We shall allow JPE to transmit his message. Please redirect yourself. Thank you.


“Paula, this is your Dad. The Elders are allowing me to speak to you directly. I appreciate this opportunity. I am very concerned about LRE’s welfare at this trying time. I am more concerned that you kids all get along and do what you can to support one another than any so called secret message. If I recall correctly, I had wanted to speak with LRE about final arrangements and what to do to help your mother. Things like where were all my accounts, policies, last will, and “closure” items such as that. I knew my time was short, and wanted to have that “final” conversation with her to allow us to acknowledge I was in essence “handing over the reins” to tell her she was the eldest and would need to take charge in the family. As it turns out, she was better prepared than I knew, and stepped right up to take care of organizing everyone and taking charge of arrangements after I passed.


I want to thank you and your sister SDE for coming immediately to do whatever you could to help your mother. I know it was difficult for both of you, but you did a beautiful job helping put together the memorial service. I was very moved and pleased with the turnout. I know you and SDE have done your best, and are now able to be available as needed for your mother and LRE, thank you. I continue to look in on you three girls and three grandkids and your mother. I am pleased when you all honor me by your recollections in which I am mentioned with an endearing memory.


I ask you to be patient with LRE and HCN as well as your mother. WM is a good man. BJE and WM have helped each other out in immeasurable ways, and I am thankful for his presence. As you know, your mother was too bereaved and afraid to be alone, and so “we” conspired to find another suitable husband to be her companion for the rest of her life. I thank you girls for accepting him and helping both of them out.


I have said basically what I need to for now. I shall visit and give more messages at another time. I thank The Elders. Good night dear, I love you.”




We shall resume now...[Private message for another redacted for privacy]


We have delivered tonight’s message and bid you good night. We are The Elders. Elohim.

The Elders Messages – Sept 14, 2013 – Flooding Issues


Yes dear Paula, we are here and ready also. We Elders bring messages from the Almighty. As you know, we have been watching over you and your family.


[Personal message for another was redacted here.]


And so dear Paula, We Elders see you have also given some reassurance and prayers on her behalf. Know we are on the job protecting your whole family and friends as requested.


We continue now. It is with amusement we see you’re interactions with your friends Rus and Jim Sullivan. We are pleased to see how uplifted they have been over the past few weeks. We ask you to convey our cordial greetings to these two amazing gentlemen, also light workers that are truly blessed. We commend their efforts.


Yes, we have seen all the worry and fear in your area related to the violent weather and excess water flooding. It is in times like these that help people come together as a community to overcome feelings of disconnectedness. These patterns will soon cease and normalcy will return. We Elders appreciate that many light workers that reside in this greater area have already been applying themselves to sending calming and healing energies to blanket the area with Angelic Presence – as you have noted in seeing the flood pictures that also contained orbs that have been posted by others.


Know many Angels and Archangels have been at work in this situation. You may hear of more tales of people claiming there was Divine Intercession on their behalf, and you will know that it is so.


We have delivered the message for this evening, and bid you goodnight.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

The Elders Messages – Sept 12, 2013 – Flooding and rebuilding


Yes dear Paula, we are here also. We bring messages from the Almighty.


We understand your concern with these torrential rains in this area. You have previously asked the Angels to keep your particular area safe, and they are on the job. We can tell you that this extreme weather has caused many problems for many in the greater area. This will continue for about another day to day and a half, and then it will recede.


Unfortunately, the recovery will take some time, especially the rebuilding of roads and bridges. This will be a unique opportunity to fast track building bridges that can be rolled into place, like the two installed in Lakewood by the Federal Center and in Denver near the Junction of I-70 and Pecos. We Elders feel the massive damage will call for some innovative solutions like this that will help accelerate recovery and rebuilding.


[A personal message for another person was redacted from this section.]


We know dear Paula you have a pure heart and a kind soul and spirit. You can lead by example, and we know you shall not let us down. Do not worry about your home or neighborhood. We Angels are on the job, and All is Well.


We have delivered this evening’s message and bid you goodnight. We know you shall do your best.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

The Elders Messages – Sept 9, 2013 – Setting Goals, Fukushima Urgent Situation


Yes dear Paula we have been awaiting your “ready” signal. We bring messages from The Almighty. We Elders understand you would like to gain a clear view of where you may be in 5 years or more. As you well know, you ARE a co-creator for your reality. If you would just visualize what you want to be doing, speak affirmatively regarding your expectations, and have a firm resolve, there should be a reasonable expectation that it shall be so and will manifest for you.


Dear Paula, do not despair. You have been in a bit of a rut for some time. All this requires of you is what we understand is called “IMAGINEERING.” So let’s get cracking on making progress towards our goals. You and your sister Susan shall need to structure your time and stick to a plan. As you discussed earlier, your office needs to be made ready so it is better utilized. You may both be more inspired if it is organized for appropriate use. We are still talking, so please keep writing. You and your sister have made great progress with the house, but as you know there are a few areas that have been neglected that you will need to work together to get it reorganized. And so it is. Please redirect yourself. Thank you.


We Elders must address the deterioration of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. As you know, the situation is far worse than the Japanese government or TEPCO representatives have been willing to admit. The recent newscasts in which the official claimed it was under control was not the truth, but rather a blatant lie.


In fact, we must warn you that even as we tell you this, a new danger is arising from the ruined reactors. There will soon be a new “critical mass” reached and a very large and damaging explosion shall occur with great loss of life, both immediate and soon afterward, from extreme radiation sickness. This is an international crisis of unprecedented proportions that will require much of Japan to be evacuated.


And so, you see dear Paula, this is a rather urgent message that We Elders ask you to share and post as soon as possible as a timely warning. If there truly is another miracle that can stop this greater tragedy from occurring, it shall be done. All eyes are on this situation. We on this side do not want to see this foreseen disaster become a reality.


All light workers are asked to focus their prayer and healing energy upon this most urgent of situations to assist bringing about a safer resolution to this desperate situation playing out on this part of your precious Earth.


We have delivered the message for the evening. We are The Elders. Elohim.

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