The Elders Messages 8/2013

August 30, 2013 – Personal Questions Answered for J.S.


Request for general guidance information for J.S.: Yes, we are here dear Paula. We understand you would like us to give guidance for J.S.


We Elders see a young man that appears to be very enlightened, yet still concerned about “what others think of him and his image.” In fact there seems to be a bit of a disconnect between J.S.’s “Inner” life, and the face he shows to others. This is due to the deep hurts suffered in the past that has affected his sense of self and how to relate to others.


We Elders realize the sometimes fragile “human condition” is one in which we must caution the individual to take it easier with oneself. Constructive criticism can be good for the individual. But if this is escalated by someone with a bad attitude, it can knock down his self-acceptance and cause some real and deep feelings about onesself and how it relates to the rest of the world.


And so We Elders ask J.S. to enter into a period of introspection to examine the various periods in his life. What were the hardest lessons or people to deal with? Then look at the “highs” and whomever was a regular person that can be very level headed about people’s personal choices. This is an easy exercise to point out what some of his life lessons may have been then versus now. With R.S. getting ready for surgery, and being a little nervous about it, he shouldn’t worry about “J.S.’s issues” too much.


We Elders know you are exhausted. We close for now and bid you good night.


We are the Elders. Elohim.


[The point The Elders were getting at was to have J.S. sit and analyze some of the experiences he has had to help release previous bad experiences, see the good parts, and how it has helped him as a person. This is meant to help “free” him from past hurts.]

Elders Messages – August 28, 2013 – Personal Questions Answered


(Four people posed personal questions beforehand, T.S., R. S., M. R., & S. H.) Hey! Yes we are here dear Paula. We come with messages from The Almighty for you, your friends, and the masses.


First, your friend T.S.… she is meant to do regular readings for others. Some of her dreams are prophetic and some are laden with her personal symbology. The earthquake dream may very well be true. However, the section alluding to “looting” are about her fears manifesting, including darkness. This is how she would feel if she were unable to retain regular access to her precious grandson. Be patient. Give more readings to gain clarity from your dreams, as one supports the other. Please relay to T.S. the importance of writing these down in a journal to ease analyzing the components of such dreams.


And now we shift to R. S.’s issues. R. S. seems to have too much going on right now, which is making it hard for him to focus sufficiently to be completely comfortable and confident with his reading/channeling time. He would benefit from the advice you were given by the “Nick” channel last week on the meditation to clear one’s self.


We Elders see R.S. ready to embark on new personal and professional level decisions right now. He will need to prioritize as to which is the most important at this time. He has created wonderful opportunities for himself with the mediumistic readings and guidance for others. However his personal life seems to have some turmoil as he must also make decisions. We Elders see R. S. moving soon, and to a better place that will be more conducive to getting into his “special place” to focus for his readings. He will soon be very busy, as are you and T.S. We Elders wish them well.


And now we turn to S.H.’s questions and requests. It may not be a dramatic win of lots of money, but We Elders see you two making progress towards your goal of newer vehicles soon. It may not happen as you think, so allow the “Universe” to surprise you. Just focus on co-creating what you DO want to help it manifest. Yes, do go to The Lodge and Mardi Gras casino’s. You may have some modest wins.


Dear Paula, we will help you in any way we can. You have done so much and made much progress over this year. Be patient as it will come.


And now about M.R.’s request. Lotto numbers: 24, 25, 27, 37, 42. Try these and let’s see if there will be results.


We Elders have addressed your issues, and the half hour is up. We will close for now. Thank you for the entertaining questions. We bid you goodnight.


We are The Elders. Elohim. Cool

August 27, 2013 – Channeling, Middle East, Japan


Yes we are here. Thank you for making yourself available. We bring messages from The Almighty. First we address recent events for you. Yes, you were meant to go to the group without anyone else accompanying you, so you could fully pay attention to this other channel in action. It was NO coincidence that the woman channeler was drawn to you for most of her talk.


Yes, we were helping and know you could hear us validating what she was relaying. This was intended to be an example to you of what you could be doing with us as well. If you allow us to, we could also speak through you, as “Nick” does with Debra. We Elders can provide more opportunities for you to “practice” if you would like us to. And so it is. Now we switch topics, please redirect yourself. Thank you.


Our next topic has to do with changes going on in the world this week. As we discussed earlier, the Middle East is becoming more unstable with unrest and loss of life. This is not “just” in the Egyptian area of which we speak. As you surmised earlier, there is a strategic reason why the various governments seek to control more Mid-Eastern countries. The location, natural resources, and weapons stockpiled are targets for takeover. And so there have been incidents that resulted in great loss of life that were not entirely caused from “inside” the country. It is as if it is in part a “set up” to allow other countries to come in and take over, similar to the Iraq situation.


We Elders realize this is to be an ongoing controversy in this area, and urge you to take the LONG view to analyze what the benefit to the “invaders” may be. Unfortunately, the people of this country may suffer terribly by being in the middle as collateral damage.


The other topic is regarding the crippled reactors at Fukishima. The Japanese government AND the International community are about to have a very open dialogue with the world watching regarding the shocking extent of the releases and where this has travelled to already. There will be many sick and dying associated with these releases. There will also be international cooperation to stop the radioactive releases that will require much effort. The company in charge of these reactors, TEPCO, will be driven out of business for gross negligence and malfeasance due to their lack of openness about these problems causing unfortunate delays in dealing effectively with the release problems.


We are going to close for now. We have delivered the evening message.


We are The Elders. Elohim. 

August 21, 2013 – Middle East & Japan Issues


Good evening dear Paula, we are here also, to bring messages from The Almighty.


Yes, we brought you an opportunity to practice the mediumship today, and you picked up nicely on the gentlemen’s father being present. You have had some time to rest and recuperate. So you can again be open to seeing and hearing loved ones that have passed, and today you were able to demonstrate that nicely.


Your sister Susan was right today. You will be busier and busier soon, so now is the time to finish getting organized. Selah. And so it is. There will be more opportunities soon for you, so be ready to become more active. We Elders also agree it was a good switch to change the Labradorite pendant for the Larimar. This removed a partial block of others auras and added an enhancement for reception for you.


We Elders are seeing more fear activity in the Middle East as the old regime is about to take their power back from the people of Egypt. This shall unfortunately disenfranchise and cause the demise for a large number of people in this country as a great outcry of anger emerges. It is written and so it is.


This region has been subject to “imperial” rule for thousands of years. There will be more attempts to “democratize” this country, but this will be preceded by a longstanding period of darkness and strife. We Elders ask that you and your light worker friends continue to send calming and healing energy to this region. Thank you.


In addition to the Middle Eastern issues, we bring your attention to the dire situation in Japan as the crippled reactor’s extent of damage and continued releases of deadly radiation shall take center stage as the international community grasps the severity of this alarming situation.


Surely there are resources and people that have the ability to help in this situation. Unfortunately, it will take a large number of people willing to accept LETHAL radiation doses in relays to stop the releases and clean this up, similar to what was done initially at the Chernobyl accident site.


We Elders ask that you get caught up with the message postings in a timely manner, and we thank you. We have delivered the message for the evening. Thank you for making yourself available tonight.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

August 17, 2013 – Earth Changes & delays


Yes dear Paula, we are here as well. Thank you for making yourself available this evening. We Elders bring messages from The Almighty. Tonight there are several issues to address.


The Almighty has tasked us with educating the masses about the dire state of humanity in those areas where political strife is at a critical state, and there are many souls passing over as a consequence. As previously addressed, this will go on for some time, and so we Angels ask every light worker to send out prayers for healing and calming energy for those affected by this strife in the Middle East.


It seems many have been badly affected by the changing Earth energies and spiritual shifting going on, and so this has caused those souls suffering from the disconnectedness of Spirit to react badly to these changes. This is why you see a large uptick in violent behavior and bizarre happenings in the news.


Yes, you are perceiving our energies tonight. Our Presence does appear as a “thicker” energy with gold and blue flecks shimmering in and out of phase. We are truly Present and pleased that you perceive our Presence in this manner. We Elders realize you have needed downtime, and so we are available when you indicate you are ready, at any time, and will not intrude or interrupt your downtime unless we have an urgent or timely message for you. And now we Elders ask you dear Paula that you make the effort to re-start your regular schedule as before, if you feel able to continue the messages with some regularity again. We thank you.


Yes, you were NOT meant to be gone this morning. We confess, we delayed you, so you could share much needed healing energy for your visitors, both Tanya and Stacy. You did not disappoint us dear Paula, and gave the needed Reiki to your sister Susan’s ex sister in law and daughter. You would not have been available if you had left on time for your hair appointment today, and so we caused you to miss the appointment. Yes, everything DOES happen for a reason! And so we Elder Angels thank you for stepping up to help these two people in need.


We realize it is now late again, and close for now to bid you good night.


We are The Elders. Elohim.


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