The Elders - July 2013 Messages

July 26, 2013 - Effective Communication via Your Angels

Elder Angels Messages – July 26, 2013 - Effective Communication via Your Angels


Yes dear Paula, we are here too. Thank you for making yourself available earlier, before you’re exhausted state kicks in. We also thank you for posting our last message. As we Elders discussed how to communicate with your Angels in the last message, we have been tasked with elaborating on this topic.


And so we shall provide more examples for our readers. As we indicated, it is very important to do one’s best to reframe one’s needs in as positive a manner as possible. We understand that it may take stages of development, trial and error before many of the disconnected masses can shift away from the “old way” of communicating with their Angels through what we call desperate prayers directed to The Almighty. Of course these messages are conveyed. [Recall that ALL religions acknowledge Angels as Messengers, and so most prayer is filtered and conveyed to The Creator through the “Angel network.”] The old way is not what we Angels consider to be “effective” use of prayer.


Some circumstances can be quite sad, and so the prayers tend to be of a desperate nature, as in “I’m afraid for “Joe” who is _______ (quite ill, dying, or was in a terrible accident), please save him.” This is coming from a place of fear, rather than affirming the best outcome for the individual. While there is nothing wrong with this, it could be phrased in such a way that it could be more helpful. What many do not take into consideration is that EVERYONE chooses their entry and exit points for their lives. Some may have several so-called exit points available to them as potential times to pass back over to us. And so it might just be “Joe’s” time to exit, even if his loved ones are not ready. “Joe” might also have more exit points built into his lifetime experience, and might “get a pass” on this occasion.


And so in cases like these, an effective way to ask for help for this person might be expressed more like this: “Dear Angels, my friend “Joe” has had a terrible accident.  I ask that everything that can be done to help him is being done now. If it is for his highest good, I ask that “Joe” might be allowed to stay with us for another exit time at a later date. Thank you.” Ask for the intervention in as many positive ways as possible, while allowing his soul essence to choose what is for his highest good, and if he has other exit points planned, to please wait for another time to pass, as ultimately it is “Joe’s” choice to stay or go.


Another example might be with large disasters such as with serious earthquakes or hurricanes. There are times when masses of people have chosen to pass together. Asking for help might take this form: “Dear Lord and Angelic Hosts, I know there may be loss of life and injuries for many due to this (insert the event here). I ask and give thanks that the victim’s Angels are on the job helping those that are meant to cross over with an easy transition, and helping those left with injuries a rapid recovery with support from friends and family. I ask and give thanks that all of their needs are met. And so it is. Thank you.” See or visualize the Angels in the area helping those in need. Affirm that it is so, and KNOW that it is happening NOW.


We Elder Angels know that it may be a difficult transition for people brought up in the “traditional” religions to learn about the application of effective, affirmative, or positive prayer. Once the individuals get the hang of it, it becomes easier.


Instead of “why did this happen to me (or “Joe,”) the lamentations of the past tended to be ineffective and caused the morose or depressing energy to be increased rather than decreased – and sometimes causing the good result to be blocked by the mindset of the petitioner. This is to be turned around. It can be done by practicing and learning a different perspective. This “why did this happen to me” can be changed to “I give thanks for this life lesson. I ask for enlightenment, for doing this better for a more positive outcome. And so it is, thank you.”


We Elders ask that the above is considered, and re-tooling or “rewiring” how one thinks in these matters is done so that results will show immediate improvement with respect to the outcomes.


We have delivered the message for the evening. We bid you goodnight.


We are The Elders. Elohim.


All will be well for your precious companion and your sister. We Angels are on the job. Goodnight dear Paula.

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