The Elders - July 2013 Messages

July 24, 2013 - How to Talk With Your Angels

Elder Angel Messages – July 24, 2013 - How to Talk With Your Angels


Yes dear Paula, we are here and ready too. Thank you for making yourself available tonight. As we were discussing last night when your energy “fizzled out” on us, we were explaining how to engage in effective prayer or dialogue with one’s Angels.


All hierarchies of Angels are tasked with being available in different aspects to assist in human, animal, planetary, or universe affairs upon request. Due to “free will,” it is very important that those who feel a sense of disconnectedness, are disconsolate, down, depressed, or just not doing well, talk to their Angel’s in as positive terms as possible. You’re friend Elizabeth has this down very well with her “Cosmic Kitchen” course. You and your sister also understand these concepts from taking Bryan Jameison’s Creative Decisions course back in 1984.


It is true, that one should be phrasing their needs positively. Instead of affirming or adding power to anything negative or what you DON’T want, you must focus on what you DO WANT. Whatever the individual chooses to focus their attention on, so shall that area of focus be magnified.


So, don’t magnify something you don’t want. For example, the unsupervised children playing, being destructive and excessively loud outside your front window at the townhome…it drove you and your sister to distraction. Your FOCUS was on how much you disliked these goings on. However, due to your powerful combined attention and energy, it just attracted them to being RIGHT THERE, not moving on, didn’t it? Only when you got to where you could be more detached and didn’t care so much did these activities lessen in any way at all.


And so it is with many things like this. Affirmations are very powerful. To make up one or more affirmations and repeat them for your Angels to act upon works wonderfully. No one needs to know their Angel’s names to address them. Just talk to them. Tell them what you want, not what you don’t want. Keep it positive.


For example: I want a job where my talents are respected and appreciated, may imply that you don’t have this currently. This can be improved by phrasing it thusly: “I am so glad that I have a good job that pays well, and that my talents are respected and appreciated.”


Everyone’s Angels are always with them. From birth into this incarnation to the day you pass back to us, and then perhaps stay with you afterward as well. There is no thing you cannot share with them. They know you better than anyone else ever could. They love you unconditionally and see all without judgment. You’re Angels know what ever life lessons you have chosen, and are there to support whatever needs you have.


The “trick” is to talk to them on a regular basis. If you do not take advantage of “brainstorming” with your Angels in a regular manner, and ask for your needs to be filled, they have not been “tasked” beyond observing, guiding, and protecting you.


It is a shameful waste of what is intended to be a close and beautiful relationship with your Angels.


You see dear Paula, you speak with your Angels often, thank them, and affirm whatever your needs or wishes are, offer prayers and affirmations for others needs as well. This is very pleasing to your dear Angelic companions. They feel appreciated as if they are in a “partnership” of sorts with you. They are enhanced by your discussions with respect to how this enables them to interact with you.


This is a vital and very real relationship that all the Angels in all the realms or hierarchy levels wish to have. One in which the close relationship is acknowledged and encouraged. This is the simple message delivered for the evening.


Thank you for being available. We bid you good night.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

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