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July 19, 2013 - Japanese Meltdowns - Effects & Energy In...

Elder Angel's Messages – July 19, 2013 - Japanese Meltdowns - Effects & Energy Innovations


Yes dear Paula we have been awaiting your “ready signal” tonight and we are also ready. We Elders bring you more messages from The Almighty to uplift or educate mankind. As we discussed in previous messages there are numerous places on your precious Earth that are considered to be “trouble spots.” This designation is not just for a few issues. There are political/governmental clashes with potential for loss of life, and then we have areas that are physically dangerous from extreme conditions or pollution.


Tonight, we Elders are tasked with discussing the area in the “Far East” section of your planet – the area known as Japan, with the 3 nuclear reactors undergoing the so-called “meltdown” crisis. Know that the crisis is ongoing. These meltdowns and the release of radioactive and toxic cooling waters are continuing to occur. Soon, there will be greater general populace attention brought to this area due to the very many people falling ill from these catastrophic releases. The produce and livestock from this area is not fit for human consumption, yet the locals have been told that it is safe to resume their usual routine.


The Creator has asked us to explain the concept of large groups planning to transition together. So called natural disasters are an example of a large number of souls that “subconsciously” have chosen to cross over to us “en masse.” This used to happen periodically with a regularity of sorts, but it hasn’t happened like it will on this scale for a very long time. Some of the elderly and young will start to drop off in larger numbers in this region in such a way that it cannot continue to be “covered up” by the governmental entities in these affected areas.


The Creator has indicated to us Elder Angels the great need for “comfort measures” in this region as the reality of their situation becomes more clear to the rest of the world. It is already happening and soon more will know. The same aberrations are occurring in the animal and plant life of this area, but the “news” has been heavily censored. 


The very concern people have had about the so-called safe nuclear energy is about to be validated by the new revelations about the extent of the ongoing crisis in Japan at these 3 nuclear sites. Due to the very concentrated populations of this area, there will be a push to build or resume additional nuclear reactors for this area’s energy needs. Know that the people will revolt over this push for more nuclear power.


This is the time to highlight the alternatives that are available for sustainable and responsible energy production for these masses. It will also be a time for re-evaluating the levels of energy consumed by various sectors of this society. Along with these new insights regarding energy needs and usages, you will see new ideas come forth with new innovations for healthy, sustainable living designs.


We have delivered the message for the evening. We bid you goodnight. Thank you.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

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New messages are coming soon after a hiatus. Thank you for your patience and support.

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Hi Cookie, Thank you for your insightful comments! I will private message you due to space limitations here. Short answer: it will resume shortly.

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We (myself and the masses)need this info from the Elders, couldn't you post one update from them that might be longer than 1/2 hour? PLEASE.....

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I have just finished reading every single post in less than two days, why is there nothing for a year now? These Elders info has been so helpful, why no more?

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