The Elders - July 2013 Messages

Elder Angels Messages - July 28, 2013


Yes dear Paula, we have been eagerly awaiting your “ready signal.” The Almighty has tasked us Elder Angels with communicating the messages given to us, and so here we are…There is extreme interest in what has been going on in a number of places on your precious planet Earth. As you know, there have been increased incidences of “accidents” in a number of countries in which many people have crossed over together.


Despite appearances, this was meant to be for these groups, both for their soul growth and for their families. We Angels understand that these incidents are very traumatic for the survivors and witnesses, but remember even though it appears to be a terrible accident, these people CHOSE to have this be a part of their life lessons and experiences. And so it is. Yet it is a difficult time for all involved. The sudden passing is always a shock for all involved. One must continue to seek a higher perspective in these events.


The Almighty is aware of ALL, SEES ALL, and wants the masses to know this is a manifestation through human activity, not that of Divine interaction. This is a difficult concept for many to grasp. It can be difficult to watch these events from our side, knowing the level of suffering that people have chosen to experience. Know that what can be done to ease people’s transition has been done. And so it is. The Almighty has spoken. It is The WORD, Selah. [I Looked up this word, it is Hebrew, translated as “to praise or lift up.”]


And so the message for the evening has been delivered. Keep the faith and know All is Well. We bid you goodnight.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

Elder Angel Messags – July 27, 2013 - Request for Light Workers Help


Hello dear Paula. Yes we are here, awaiting your “ready signal.” We realize you are very tired and ready to turn in, but we have an important message for this evening. We will try to keep it brief.


The Almighty Beloved has tasked us with addressing the recent escalations of violence in the Middle East. Know as we discussed previously, that this is the “political pendulum” correcting as it swings back and forth.


Unfortunately, there are many people being injured with some dying and passing over to us during this time of conflict. And so dear Paula, we are renewing our request for all Light Workers to pause and send calming and healing energy to this global “hot spot.” We thank you.


We have delivered the message for the evening.


We are The Elders. Elohim.


Elder Angels Messages – July 26, 2013 - Effective Communication via Your Angels


Yes dear Paula, we are here too. Thank you for making yourself available earlier, before you’re exhausted state kicks in. We also thank you for posting our last message. As we Elders discussed how to communicate with your Angels in the last message, we have been tasked with elaborating on this topic.


And so we shall provide more examples for our readers. As we indicated, it is very important to do one’s best to reframe one’s needs in as positive a manner as possible. We understand that it may take stages of development, trial and error before many of the disconnected masses can shift away from the “old way” of communicating with their Angels through what we call desperate prayers directed to The Almighty. Of course these messages are conveyed. [Recall that ALL religions acknowledge Angels as Messengers, and so most prayer is filtered and conveyed to The Creator through the “Angel network.”] The old way is not what we Angels consider to be “effective” use of prayer.


Some circumstances can be quite sad, and so the prayers tend to be of a desperate nature, as in “I’m afraid for “Joe” who is _______ (quite ill, dying, or was in a terrible accident), please save him.” This is coming from a place of fear, rather than affirming the best outcome for the individual. While there is nothing wrong with this, it could be phrased in such a way that it could be more helpful. What many do not take into consideration is that EVERYONE chooses their entry and exit points for their lives. Some may have several so-called exit points available to them as potential times to pass back over to us. And so it might just be “Joe’s” time to exit, even if his loved ones are not ready. “Joe” might also have more exit points built into his lifetime experience, and might “get a pass” on this occasion.


And so in cases like these, an effective way to ask for help for this person might be expressed more like this: “Dear Angels, my friend “Joe” has had a terrible accident.  I ask that everything that can be done to help him is being done now. If it is for his highest good, I ask that “Joe” might be allowed to stay with us for another exit time at a later date. Thank you.” Ask for the intervention in as many positive ways as possible, while allowing his soul essence to choose what is for his highest good, and if he has other exit points planned, to please wait for another time to pass, as ultimately it is “Joe’s” choice to stay or go.


Another example might be with large disasters such as with serious earthquakes or hurricanes. There are times when masses of people have chosen to pass together. Asking for help might take this form: “Dear Lord and Angelic Hosts, I know there may be loss of life and injuries for many due to this (insert the event here). I ask and give thanks that the victim’s Angels are on the job helping those that are meant to cross over with an easy transition, and helping those left with injuries a rapid recovery with support from friends and family. I ask and give thanks that all of their needs are met. And so it is. Thank you.” See or visualize the Angels in the area helping those in need. Affirm that it is so, and KNOW that it is happening NOW.


We Elder Angels know that it may be a difficult transition for people brought up in the “traditional” religions to learn about the application of effective, affirmative, or positive prayer. Once the individuals get the hang of it, it becomes easier.


Instead of “why did this happen to me (or “Joe,”) the lamentations of the past tended to be ineffective and caused the morose or depressing energy to be increased rather than decreased – and sometimes causing the good result to be blocked by the mindset of the petitioner. This is to be turned around. It can be done by practicing and learning a different perspective. This “why did this happen to me” can be changed to “I give thanks for this life lesson. I ask for enlightenment, for doing this better for a more positive outcome. And so it is, thank you.”


We Elders ask that the above is considered, and re-tooling or “rewiring” how one thinks in these matters is done so that results will show immediate improvement with respect to the outcomes.


We have delivered the message for the evening. We bid you goodnight.


We are The Elders. Elohim.


All will be well for your precious companion and your sister. We Angels are on the job. Goodnight dear Paula.

Elder Angel Messages – July 24, 2013 - How to Talk With Your Angels


Yes dear Paula, we are here and ready too. Thank you for making yourself available tonight. As we were discussing last night when your energy “fizzled out” on us, we were explaining how to engage in effective prayer or dialogue with one’s Angels.


All hierarchies of Angels are tasked with being available in different aspects to assist in human, animal, planetary, or universe affairs upon request. Due to “free will,” it is very important that those who feel a sense of disconnectedness, are disconsolate, down, depressed, or just not doing well, talk to their Angel’s in as positive terms as possible. You’re friend Elizabeth has this down very well with her “Cosmic Kitchen” course. You and your sister also understand these concepts from taking Bryan Jameison’s Creative Decisions course back in 1984.


It is true, that one should be phrasing their needs positively. Instead of affirming or adding power to anything negative or what you DON’T want, you must focus on what you DO WANT. Whatever the individual chooses to focus their attention on, so shall that area of focus be magnified.


So, don’t magnify something you don’t want. For example, the unsupervised children playing, being destructive and excessively loud outside your front window at the townhome…it drove you and your sister to distraction. Your FOCUS was on how much you disliked these goings on. However, due to your powerful combined attention and energy, it just attracted them to being RIGHT THERE, not moving on, didn’t it? Only when you got to where you could be more detached and didn’t care so much did these activities lessen in any way at all.


And so it is with many things like this. Affirmations are very powerful. To make up one or more affirmations and repeat them for your Angels to act upon works wonderfully. No one needs to know their Angel’s names to address them. Just talk to them. Tell them what you want, not what you don’t want. Keep it positive.


For example: I want a job where my talents are respected and appreciated, may imply that you don’t have this currently. This can be improved by phrasing it thusly: “I am so glad that I have a good job that pays well, and that my talents are respected and appreciated.”


Everyone’s Angels are always with them. From birth into this incarnation to the day you pass back to us, and then perhaps stay with you afterward as well. There is no thing you cannot share with them. They know you better than anyone else ever could. They love you unconditionally and see all without judgment. You’re Angels know what ever life lessons you have chosen, and are there to support whatever needs you have.


The “trick” is to talk to them on a regular basis. If you do not take advantage of “brainstorming” with your Angels in a regular manner, and ask for your needs to be filled, they have not been “tasked” beyond observing, guiding, and protecting you.


It is a shameful waste of what is intended to be a close and beautiful relationship with your Angels.


You see dear Paula, you speak with your Angels often, thank them, and affirm whatever your needs or wishes are, offer prayers and affirmations for others needs as well. This is very pleasing to your dear Angelic companions. They feel appreciated as if they are in a “partnership” of sorts with you. They are enhanced by your discussions with respect to how this enables them to interact with you.


This is a vital and very real relationship that all the Angels in all the realms or hierarchy levels wish to have. One in which the close relationship is acknowledged and encouraged. This is the simple message delivered for the evening.


Thank you for being available. We bid you good night.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

Elder Angel Messages – July 21, 2013 - Lightening it up a bit


Yes good evening dear Paula. We Elders are also ready. We bring messages from The Creator for the upliftment of mankind. We Elders realize that many of our recent messages focused on issues that – very funny – we “hear” your thoughts, and yes, they were “Debby Downer” messages. More educational and sad than uplifting. And so we focus on the more positive tonight.


And so dear Paula, we Elders ask you to pass along our Special Thanks to your friends and networking connections that are Light Workers for their kind assistance in sending positive, calming, and healing energy out to ease concerns regarding the unrest over the Florida case of the young black man killed, and the Middle East situation.


This is a particularly strong full moon. Know this is an excellent time to tap into the needs of “Mother Earth” and others on an intuitive/energetic level. The moon in all its luminous glory inspires many people’s imaginations. Those that are Light Workers and healers tend to feel a special connection and tingling in their psychic centers from the strong pull of this full moon.


These are perfect times to do additional readings, healings, or Reiki work with others. We Elders wish to encourage you to move forward with more mediumistic readings. This is an excellent time for you, so please take advantage of it.


There are no further special messages for tonight. We Elders are keeping it short as we realize this was one of your long work days. We thank you for making yourself available despite already having worked. We bid you goodnight.


We are the Elders. Elohim.


YES, we are truly finished for the evening. You are still perceiving our Presence, as we don’t just “shoot out of here” when we’re done. We find that rather funny. We may linger just to be with you. Smile (Yes, they really did have me add a smiley face at the end!)

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