The Elders Channeled Messages for June 2013

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Automatic Writing – June 8, 2013


Are we ready? Let’s start. Good evening dear Paula. We come to you tonight with messages for you and “mankind.” We realize you have had a very busy week and it has left you exhausted, but after several nights of “begging off,” it is time to resume our chats. Thank you. The Almighty has tasked us with transmitting additional messages through our “vessels.” There is an urgency to resuming messages for the Masses that have felt this disconsolate “disconnectedness,” as MORE incidents of violence and “bizarre” weather patterns are increasing. It is vital for the masses to understand The Almighty is NOT creating this “reality,” but rather it is a manifestation from the combined thought forms of the MANY disconnected souls that have drenched the Earth with their misery.


We Elders are doing our level best to inform the masses that it is crucial that they “awaken” from their Spiritual sleep and make changes in the way they think and talk in order to bring these incidents to a “slow and stop.” It IS possible to do this, but it requires effort on various people’s parts in order to “cause good” and to experience the “positive ripple effect.” [Example: Rather than pleading for help, learn to tell your Angels and The Almighty what you’re needs are, ask for what you need, give thanks, and EXPECT a good outcome. Positive manifestation requires the individual to learn to let go and let the Angels and The Almighty do what has been asked, affirmed, and thanks given. Do NOT focus on what you don't want, or you will increase that as well!]


Yes, we Elders are aware that even though you have been overly busy this week and fell behind with your transcribing of our messages, you have managed to “talk it up” with others during your interactions as well. We thank you for your steadfast faith. We Elders have understood your growing sense that your earthly mother Betty has little precious time in the physical left. While this may be true, we want to reassure you that she is well for now, and will not choose to pass until far after your scheduled “road trip” with her. If we Elders would “hazard a guess” regarding her time left, we may say it could be up to a year and a half of your time. As you already know, you have many so-called “exit points” and so it is difficult to pinpoint with absolute accuracy how much time someone may have in this current physical incarnation. But there is time for now with the best guess.


We Elders appreciate the time you are taking to help your mother prepare and to reclaim her connectedness. Realize this is a tremendous service to us on this side, and especially her husband John and the rest of your mother’s family already here waiting for her. We can all be a “patient lot” and so as they say “time is relative.” Our little inside joke, although it may be more ironic than funny. We thank you for your efforts. As you see, we are aware of all that transpires. We pause a second, please stand by. Thank you.  Now we resume. We Elders urge you to do your best to transcribe the messages we have given to you this week, and most especially to post tonight’s message as soon as you can do so. We appreciate your time and thank you for making yourself available in a more meaningful way tonight. We bid you goodnight. We are The Elders. Elohim and Shalom

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22.04 | 10:31

New messages are coming soon after a hiatus. Thank you for your patience and support.

20.03 | 13:37

Hi Cookie, Thank you for your insightful comments! I will private message you due to space limitations here. Short answer: it will resume shortly.

20.03 | 13:08

We (myself and the masses)need this info from the Elders, couldn't you post one update from them that might be longer than 1/2 hour? PLEASE.....

20.03 | 13:05

I have just finished reading every single post in less than two days, why is there nothing for a year now? These Elders info has been so helpful, why no more?

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