The Elders Channeled Messages for June 2013

Automatic Writing – June 30, 2013


Yes we are here and ready also dear Paula. We Elders come to you tonight with more messages from the Almighty Creator. We are very pleased with your progress and are encouraging you to more forward with the Mediumship efforts. We have messages for you as requested regarding your friend K.S. While we Elders sympathize with the plight of your friend, we can offer support in “greasing the wheels” so to speak with the managerial powers that are at her “previous” workplace. We Elders understand your desire to help K.S. Realize that these are HER lessons to learn. We can help, but it would be more effective if K.S. asked for our help directly. We have heard her lamentations and grief about her situation. Know that the stubbornness she has exhibited about her situation has been her financial undoing. We Elders commend you, dear Paula for giving K.S. the support she needs to re-affirm her faith in others. All that can be done has been done. And so it is. Now we too wait to see the results of your and our efforts to help. We pause now. Thank you.


As we Elders move forward, we wish to express that we understand how busy you have been over the past week, and thank you for making the effort to get caught up with posting more of our messages as soon as possible over the next few days. We pause a second. Please stand by. Thank you. Yes, dear Paula, you will get more calls for Mediumship readings. And yes again, the last reading was to put you together with another one of our message “vessels.” Your kind advice to D. was greatly appreciated. Several times has she been “nudged” to start her “automatic writing,” but hasn’t made time to do so. And so you have met one of our other vessels! We Elders recognize you are very tired after working today. We will close for now and bid you good night. We are The Elders. Elohim.


Automatic Writing – June 29, 2013


Good evening dear Paula. We are ready also. We Elders come to you with messages from The Almighty. Tonight, we bring messages regarding Earth changes happening now and in the near future. It would be almost impossible for the common man and woman to fail to see the changes that have already occurred. You see hotter temperatures, wilder weather, damaging storms with greater frequency, and the damage left behind is more costly to “make right” afterward.


The Almighty sees ALL, and is concerned about these awful manifestations that do not come from The Almighty’s efforts, but rather are part of the manifestation of the masses that have experienced the so-called “disconnectedness” of Spirit. The masses of people on this beautiful planet Earth have a very poor grasp of the reasons behind such weather manifestations. This is a monumental task to enlighten the masses regarding the concept of “Thoughts are Things.” In fact, the concept that “Thoughts are Things” and that there is no such thing as the “so-called death,” and all of their collective experiences and attitudes are what is driving these unfortunate experiences. We sincerely hope that receiving messages such as this will help enlighten such people that it gives them pause to consider their own actions in such a way that they now ask: “What is MY ROLE in All That Is?” “What can I DO or NOT DO to help the larger picture?” The message, even though it’s a journal, it has useful information that acts as a guide of sorts when it is all compiled.


The SON is to work with you. Be ready for this help. You will see more information flow quickly and with great clarity. We Elders encourage you to continue the Mediumship readings AND the channeled messages. Even when you are exhausted, you are making progress. We will sign off for the night. Thank you for making yourself available. We are The Elders. Elohim.

Automatic Writing – June 22, 2013 


[I had already layed down to sleep when I suddenly heard The Elders start speaking at 22:50 HELLO! Both of your grandfather’s are here. T. has a message for B. He is sorry he had to leave when he did. It was his time. His life lesson had been accomplished. He appreciates her going to Woodlawn two times in this trip, and in having Paula gather the family’s soil from their gravesites. It is as if all are together in a way. [Apparently this is an old Swedish custom of honoring family that has passed over.] Know that he does not want B. to be unhappy. She has suffered too much in this respect already. He wants her to remember him fondly, celebrate the person he was for her, and to release her grief over his passing. T. thanks Paula for bringing B. here to Sioux Falls at this time. He appreciates the fact that Paula asked their permission and honored them as she took the requested soil from each family member’s gravesite today. T. asks B. to be well and enjoy her earthly time. 


A. E. is here for you as well. He has extended his greeting to both of you, thanking you for acknowledging his family, visiting their gravesites, and in “reuniting” them with some of J's “remains.” A. particularly thanks you for spending time with V. this afternoon. He says she needs help with her spiritual recovery and ask you to send her healing energy. We Elders realize you have turned in for the night. These were urgent/timely messages for you and Betty. We bid you goodnight. We are The Elders. Elohim.

Automatic Writing – June 21, 2013  

Good evening Dear Paula. Yes we are ready also. We Elders are with you, and have guided you and your earthly mother Betty in your journey. We are pleased with your progress thus far. We Elders have further messages. Your earthly father John wishes to transmit to you and Betty how pleased and gratified he is that some of his earthly remains were placed at the Elofson family gravesites at Beaver Valley today. He was also there observing, and appreciates the remembrance and observance of his family in this day. Know that it is very special to John that there is acknowledgement of his family lineage. He sends his love and gratitude to Betty. He knows that this has been a difficult journey for her, but it is a necessary one for her soul growth. Your father also thanks you for taking time to perform this sacred task with your mother. He sends his love and special blessings to acknowledge this to you. We pause a second. Please redirect yourself. Thank you.


We Elders have further messages. There is awareness and anticipation regarding the visit planned with your father’s sister V. Know he is very happy that this contact is happening, as there has been concern regarding V'’s “disconnectedness” with Spirit. Know that there is a higher purpose in seeing her, as well as the E's. We Elders remind you dear Paula that there is a special quality you have that inspires others in ways they do not recognize immediately, and that is you channel The Almighty’s undiluted energy and blessings to others. The contact you have with others DOES in fact bless them highly. You ask that you are connected with SOURCE, and that it flows through, around, and to others as a blessing, and SO IT IS. IT does work as you have affirmed. So The Almighty has tasked you with making this special presence and blessing to others, as it has been so with us Elder Angels. We pause a second. Thank you.


Yes, we Elders recognize this has also been a very long day for you and your mother. We are keeping the message short tonight for this reason. Please know that we Elder Angels are with you. [I was imagining them sitting in the back seat traveling with us when they said this.] Very funny, yes if you think about it in that way, yes we be thought of as riding in your back seat! The conversations you have been having regarding embracing the good and releasing the bad are EXACTLY the on-task message to help others with the “connectedness” issue we like to see. The same goes for explaining so-called “exit points.” This pleases us, and we want to encourage you to continue to use these examples. We pause again. Please standby. Thank you. Yes, the woman at Beaver Valley, we Elders are pleased that you stopped to help heal her. We would encourage you to do more of this as well. We will sign off for now. We bid you good night. We are The Elders. Elohim

Automatic Writing – June 19, 2013  


Yes dear Paula, we are here. You have had an extraordinarily busy day from dawn to bed time. We understand you thinking this might be a good night to “beg off” the nightly message. We Elders will keep it short. You have a long travel day ahead for you tomorrow. Know we Elder Angels will be with you, as The Almighty wishes you to have extra protections for this journey with your earthly mother. You should also know that your earthly father John will be accompanying you as well. Look for the telltale signs that remind you of him, and know that he is bringing your attention to his presence. He says this 18th would have been their 65th anniversary. It is special to both of them. And so it is. We Elders ask that you share this message with John’s wife Betty to reassure her that he is present for her as much as for you. We will sign off for tonight and bid you a safe journey. We are The Elders. Elohim. Cool[Yes, they really had me put a smiley face at the end!]

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