The Elders Messages for May 2013

Automatic Writing – May 31, 2013


Yes we are ready. As you know, we have been waiting for the last hour for you to indicate you are ready to start. We Elders come to you tonight with further messages to elicit greater Spiritual awakening for the masses. “One brick starts a road or home,” and so we are building that road or home with you. We Elders are pleased with the progress we see with the many being aware of many fronts, including the needs of those victimized by the violent weather in the middle of your country and the many people raising awareness regarding these “modified” foods. What a busy week indeed. This pleases The Almighty.


Now we must address further issues that have a bearing on this persistent sense of “disconnectedness” by the many. The Almighty has conveyed these messages through us Elder Power Angels, that there will be Angelic sightings planned for this ravaged part of your country soon as an additional source of renewal and a sign that yes, we are here and helping. So dear Paula, do not be surprised if you hear or see that there will be reports of people remarking they are seeing Angels in the “Heavens” or sky, people recounting harrowing tales of having been saved by an unseen force. As you know, when someone calls out or prays for help in dire circumstances, we respond to these pleas for help – much like how you and your daughter were saved back in 1980 coming home from your medium group meeting and hitting the black ice. Truly you were transported and saved an “early” exit with your daughter, as you had important tasks to accomplish, asked for help, and so here you are still. To our delight, you are here to work with us in current time. So indeed, we are very pleased you survived this so-called “exit point” earlier in your life.


We do not have a long message tonight. Our message is regarding Angelic help and sightings that will be seen by many as a sign, and renewal of hope that will be occurring in the very near future. We Elders ask that you post this message as soon as possible so the “Word” is put out there for the masses to think about it and thus facilitate this manifestation with their “Positive Ripple Effect.” We Elders thank you for your time tonight and wish you success with your endeavors tomorrow. We bid you good night. We are the Elders. Elohim.

Automatic Writing – May 30, 2013 


Dear Paula, we Elders come to you tonight with our thanks and acknowledgement that we are very pleased that you have successfully found another venue to post these channeled messages. We agree this was the perfect venue – the ATP Group – certainly an Angelically focused group, a wonderful opportunity. You see the more you post our messages, the more people are accepting them and are passing the messages onto others. Again, we are most grateful for your service in this area. We pause a moment….thank you.


We Elders have considered your concerns about these so-called “modified” foods and the guidance has been to continue to “shine the light of truth” about the insidious nature of these “GMO’s” that have “crept” into your nation’s food supply. We Elders see tremendous progress on this front, and are encouraged by the fact that other countries have become more assertive in refusing these foods in their areas of the world. Now that many have awakened to this being a truly global issue, we in this dimension feel it is only a matter of time that will cause your country to feel the sting of the backlash and so the companies and governments that have surreptitiously tried to incorporate these “GMO’s” into your nation’s food will have to start removing this non-nutritive “food” component from your country’s food supply as well. They cannot hide it anymore. So saith the Lord…We pause a moment…thank you.


Yes, we are aware that your earthly mother’s faith was sorely tested today with the passing of her friend Twyla. Know she is with us here, and is doing fine. We Elders appreciate you “sticking to your guns” and reminding your mother to CELEBRATE Twyla’s life rather than grieve, which dims the entity’s light. She is “getting it” but will adjust further with your support and patience in helping her understand her true Spirituality and connectedness with All That Is. We pause a moment, please redirect yourself. Thank you.


Today, we Elders wish to elaborate on the issue of the masses connecting with loving kindness. This is part of the “glue” for civilized countries to overcome the vast numbers of disconnected peoples. We did put the “opportunity” before you today, and you did not disappoint us. The woman you spoke with was very uplifted by the message intended for her, and YES, we Angels WERE saying to you: What are you doing, talk to her! Again, we Elders put this opportunity forward for you to see that despite any doubts on your part, the people most in need of their “connectivity” message from loved ones do welcome their messages. So it is as it was meant to be, thank you. We Elders are ever watchful for such opportunities, so please keep your “antennae” on the lookout for those in Spirit that wish to communicate the fact that there is no such thing as so-called “Death” to their loved ones. Thank you.


Keep writing, don’t analyze, just let the writing flow. We Elders are still talking. It may not make the most cohesive messages all the time, but as you know, this is an evolving process. Be patient. For now, we Elders are continuing in our efforts to enlighten the masses, and are intrigued by how this “Face book” works. It appears to have a tremendous propensity to “spread the WORD” quickly, so we approve of this type of communication. We Elders want to make the tasks we have asked of you to be as easy as possible, for you to follow through with, and this seems to have fulfilled that need. We pause a moment, thank you.


Now we Elders wish to continue in the vein of the Large Storms continuing to plague the central section of your country. Truly, the Almighty is troubled by these manifestations and asks that these people are given HOPE in their hours of need that will translate to a long recovery period. In another sense, this provides many of the masses the opportunity to reach out to those affected by this violent weather, thus providing BOTH parties the opportunity for “Soul Growth,” as both providers and recipient experience the kindness of others pitching in to help. The end result is additional people re-establishing their Spiritual connectedness through their hours and days of need. And so it is. Yes, our time is about up for the evening. We Elders thank you for your efforts and bid you goodnight. We are the Elders. Elohim

Automatic Writing – May 29, 2013


Good evening Dear Paula. Yes we have been waiting for you to be at your “ready state.” You have felt our presence for the past 20 minutes. We have patiently waited until you decided you were ready to start early, and so here we are. We Elders wish to acknowledge the extra time you took today to explain the process and messages with your earthly mother Betty and step father Wayne. It is pleasing to The Almighty that they are closer to sensing their own spirituality and connectedness as a result.


This is part of the “positive ripple effect” we discussed previously with you. As you realize that your mother Betty has initiated spreading the True WORD already amongst those she knows. Realize this is very pleasing to us, as she is quite social and so more people shall share similar realizations from her propensity to “share” with all she knows. We feel this is tremendous progress and we thank you. We Elders also ask you to acknowledge to Betty and Wayne our encouragement that they incorporate some or our teachings as they carry on their usual activities. Thank you. We understand that you spent much of today doing activities that support this important work for us and thank you. We Elders are pleased with the posting of the messages in the “edited” form you chose. As you see, this was “echoed” and shared quickly and so it goes. The very process that we told you would happen with the “positive ripple effect.” We pause a moment, thank you. Please redirect yourself. Thank you.


The Almighty has desired/tasked us to acknowledge with you the taking up of the cause of the so-called “modified foods” that are unhealthy for the masses is very pleasing, especially since there is feeling that “man” has taken somewhat of a “wrong turn” in this respect and the Creator wishes to redirect “man” to go back to the way, ahem, “nature” intended as The Creator made it correctly the first time. This is NOT to say all genetics is “wrong” or incorrect. The Almighty is pleased with the strides in the area of the so-called “stem cell research” to help humanity. It is the modification of foods that has caused the greatest damage and alarm. This is in addition to the unwise use of the earth’s resources and resulting pollution when there were so-called “renewable resources” readily available with the initial infrastructure put into place.


To be honest, some of these so-called “wrong turns” has had many of us on our side observing a bit puzzled by these choices. There is an understanding that some of these wrong turns” are NOT associated with the masses, but rather goes back to the somewhat “insane” decisions of those in industry and governments, rather than the masses. The global economy has become so interconnected, at this point, all of these choices, no matter how seemingly minor, if they are not for the highest good of ALL, well then the results are not so good. The message for tonight is that it is important for “man” to THINK of ways in which the “corporate” masses can back away from the “cliff of bad decision” and allow themselves to reverse these bad decisions. In order to do this, it is important to allow them to “find” alternatives to “replace” their previously (for example) polluting industries or massive “grow” operations for genetically modified foods so there can be successful substitutions made. It will be a very difficult proposition, but IT CAN BE DONE! This is part of our challenge by The Almighty. Not only are we tasked with reconnecting the masses with their true spirituality, we are also to assist bringing mankind back from this self-destructive cliff of non-renewable resources and the impacts of these modified foods that add to these woes.


Yes, our time is close to being up. We could go on longer, but we feel this is a rather long message tonight. We appreciate all the efforts you are putting in to advance these sessions with us. We send our blessings and healing energy as requested for your precious companion. We are the Elders. Elohim and Shalom

Automatic Writing – May 28, 2013


Pick it up, lets get started! Dear Paula, we Elders come to you tonight to dictate more messages The Almighty has tasked us to do. Despite appearances, The Almighty is very engaged in All That Is, and is concerned and interested in the day to day affairs of your beautiful planet Earth. Now we will surprise you. Yes, there are other “earthlike” planets with cognizant beings on it that The Almighty also “manages” with the preservation of all the souls involved. This is a large universe, and there are myriads of similar civilizations parallel to your Earth. Just to illustrate that no matter is too big or too small that it escapes the “All Knowing” presence of The Almighty and the choirs of Angels. We Elders and the other Angels can “multitask” very well, and this allows The Almighty to be constantly up to date with All That Is.


Now back to YOUR planetary issues. We Elders see more violent weather manifestations in the already savaged middle of your country. This is an unfortunate “side effect” of the mass of people that have this feeling of disconnectedness…As a matter of fact, the date of June 23rd, the day of the moon in Perigree may stand out as one in which the masses should do their level best to “keep calm and carry on” as the British would say. We see many people unable to control their emotions, and this causes additional conflicts. Be aware of those issues in order that you and yours can be as protective as possible. We pause a second….thank you. Hurry up, keep up! (hear them talking amongst themselves) We Elders see this June 23rd date as a manifestation of the “Word” being usurped by other world religions, and mixing what is actually wrong. We pause a moment…..thank you.


It is OUR RIGHT to look ahead and to allow our “vessels” to likewise do this as it provides guidance regarding so-called “safe places and times” when there is a high probability of unrest and/or accidents. We realize you are again exhausted from your long work day. We will end for now and thank you for your time. We bid you goodnight. We are The Elders. Elohim.

Automatic Writing – May 27, 2013


We Elders come to you tonight for another session of automatic writing. Yes, we do have other “vessels” we work with! You are making great progress – as they say: “practice makes perfect.” The difference between where you started a week and a half ago to now is amazing. So yes, we would encourage you to stick with the automatic writing. The steady improvement is there. Let us pause a moment….thank you.


You’re earthly father John is here with us. He is aware that Betty has asked you to make a big commitment to go on a “road trip” with her. He is concerned that she may not be “up” to this trip and wants you to check with what the best way to go may be…He supports whatever you decide, but agrees with Betty that this is a great opportunity to see how things have changed and to get “closure” at the old “usual places” of your youth, especially regarding grandparent’s property and the old family church. He wants to assure you that he continues to be strongly present around you and the others from his earthly family, so you and Betty will “have company” for the trip – ha – a little inside joke there. He sends his love and hugs to all, and thanks you for helping Betty to get her “closure” and perhaps a final trip to South Dakota as a support for her. He sends his blessings and says good night for now. We will pause a moment…thank you.


It seems we have more family members coming through that have been waiting their turn to speak…Betty’s mother Dorothy is here and wishes to encourage you to take this trip with your mother. Dorothy knows that Betty wants to revisit their gravesites one more time, and appreciates you enabling this to happen for Betty as she cannot drive anymore. Dorothy sends her love, greetings, and thanks you. We will pause again…thank you…


We Elders ask you to open your channel/mind and to clear any thoughts about family or other concerns for us to come through more clearly. We will pause while you do this. Please take a few deep breaths…thank you. We Elders are ready to proceed now. We have asked you to make yourself available and to be at a ready state at our appointed time, and you have done it. We thank you, as this has facilitated a much better flow for the automatic writing. The Almighty has asked us to move forward again with the messages to assist the masses with this “reconnection” with Spirit and their spirituality. You Dear Paula have made a great start on this, however we feel you must continue to search for another avenue for putting THE WORD out to more people. Perhaps join a talk show on the radio or find another “blog” to participate with. The last messages we dictated to you were timely, yet were not shared with others.


We Elders wish to encourage you to go ahead and share these messages on a broad front. Yes, it’s okay for you to edit the messages slightly in order to preserve the messages within the larger message that are of a more personal nature to remain private to you. We do not expect that ALL of the message has to be broadcast “warts and all” for all to see. So please feel free to paraphrase or edit selectively the gist of our messages to “get to the point” when you put the messages out. Thank you. Yes, we are STILL talking! There is still time to go tonight. [They busted me looking at the clock again!] We Elders are ready to discuss another aspect of our “being-ness” with you. As you can imagine the analogy that Lisa Williams used with the cell phone battery is quite true. Despite the fact that we Elders are “up there” in the choir of Angels and the hierarchy of this dimension, we too must “recharge” after we have “efforted” to get a so-called packet of information delivered through the human vessel we have chosen to receive our messages. So the ½ hour time we proposed is “just right” for us to continue, and are nearing our “limit” for the night – and are just as ready to stop for now as you are!


Tomorrow night, we expect to get back on track with our messages. The days you have had that are extremely hectic at work causes us to have to also “work a little harder” to get through that “fog” from you being too tired. We will stop for tonight. We Elders thank you for your time and in considering the messages given to you for the others. Good night and thank you. We are the Elders. Elohim.

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