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The Elders message on climate change & Earth Day

The Elders 4/16/15


Hello and good evening dear Paula. We are here and ready too. We bring messages from The Almighty.


Tonight we address climate change and the drastic effect it is causing on your precious planet Earth. Although there are those that are naysayers, it is a simple fact that every thinking, rational man, woman, and child can relate to. Your weather patterns indicate a more rapid change than expected or projected.


The rapid industrial and technological advancements have resulted in various “waste streams” that include both chemical and nuclear pollution that there is no easy solution or answer to as to what to do with all of this waste. Add to this the sheer number of waste produced by each person in the “industrialized” areas of your world and therein lays an ever greater threat of literally running out of places to put it.


The planet cannot sustain this type of rampant excess waste and pollution without attempting to “correct” itself through natural disasters.


The up and coming younger generation of innovators and scientists are making great strides in looking at and developing technologies that will help to reduce the human “footprint” of waste overtaking the developed areas. There are bio-engineered microbes that shall be used to “digest” certain types of waste that cannot be broken down by nature such as plastics.


There must be a concerted effort worldwide to tackle this most difficult issue, if your current civilization is to survive the foreseeable future. This is attainable, but it requires an effort that is coordinated by many.


Another issue of concern is the unfortunate tendency of large corporations that have been the worst offenders creating massive amounts of pollution and waste that is toxic and/or radioactive. They are in control of big government that is no longer “by the people or for the people.”


Of course this is a very difficult stranglehold to break away from those easily influenced in various levels of government. The masses shall need to act in greater numbers to call for accountability and to change how things are done at the so-called “seats of power” in many countries including your own.


Reform is possible and necessary. The use of renewal energy sources is here now. But it must replace those energy sources that have allowed these big businesses to keep their stranglehold on the common man and woman. Yes, we understand that real change is slow and difficult due to the apparent corruption of those in power. What can be perceived can be achieved.


And so dear Paula, we ask you to post this message timely for this year’s Earth Day to put attention to these issues.


Yes, we are aware there are organizations already working on these very issues, and applaud their effort. But more must help, and this message can provide needed validation that their actions are in alignment with what is needed to reverse the damage done by nearly 100 years of industrialization that prized production over safety or even qualities that would sustain and encourage good health and the lives of their consumers.


And so we shall close for this evening. We have delivered tonight’s message. Thank you.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

The Elders address weather patterns 4/9/15

Hello dear Paula and good evening. We thank you for allowing another session. We bring messages from The Almighty.


Tonight we address environmental issues of concern. As you know, there seems to be destructive weather patterns causing havoc in the middle of your country. These storms are a bit early in this season. Of course they can be linked to global warming, the sense of disconnectedness by the masses, and governmental programs designed to control the weather.


It is our opinion that it shall take a mighty effort to calm these storms. These areas are populated by many people “of FAITH,” yet they do not believe in All-That-Is, in being a part of SPIRIT in a connected manner.


This has allowed them to manifest their fears rather than what they DO want. This is a simple concept that so many of your people fail to understand and put into practice. What is this concept? Of course it relates to the so-called “Law of Attraction.” In these instances the people in affected areas are attracting what they do not want by their attention being on what is the worst that can happen.


Indeed, what IS the worst that can happen? We Elders know the inhabitants of your precious planet are focused on accumulating THINGS. And so the LOSS of everything and being “wiped out” with nothing left is in fact “The Worst that can happen” (the fear of loss).


But as they go through these experiences, these Life Lessons THEY chose to experience as part of their SOUL Growth, there is a renewal of faith. As people and organizations come to the aid of those affected, there is a realization that all their belongings are just that – THINGS. Things they can do without. They find themselves grateful that they survived with their loved ones. It provides a new basis for rebuilding their relationship and connection with The Almighty, as they experience a fresh start in life.


And so dear Paula, We Elders are also compassionate. We know how hard these experiences are to go through. But as they do go on and pick up their lives, there is a new dedication and determinedness to move forward. Albeit without much of the “baggage” they had previously accumulated. It is a cathartic experience.


And so we must ask again that our precious healers and light workers help in the way only you can do. You are precious in the eyes of the Almighty as you serve the highest cause for humanity. To HEAL, to share the life energy needed by so many that have become disconnected. To assist in healing the masses of disconnected SOULS.


To uplift them and help re-establish their faith, hope, and sense of being connected more than they ever were previously in this new found realization that there is a higher calling for them as well. No one can experience healing and prayer energy without becoming uplifted by it.


We verify and validate the importance of these simple ideas. To allow people that space of grace and healing is a gift no one can feel without also experiencing the sense of being uplifted and reconnected with Spirit and All-That-Is. This is also part of the Law of Attraction, changing the world one person at a time. To offer this tremendous gift that is like a chain reaction once that spark is kindled.


What is our point? That our dear healers and light workers ARE making that difference. They just keep the faith and extend their skills regularly to help their fellow “man” (and woman). This in turn should help calm these violent weather patterns.


Expect the best, not the worst. Attract the Best by looking for it. We realize this is becoming a repeating theme, because it is that fundamental and needed. Share your blessings and skills to send out healing energy, prayers, and yes, Love to your fellow man to help increase these very things.


That is our basic message for this evening. We shall close for now and bid you good night.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

The Elders 4-3-15 Good Friday message

Good evening dear Paula. We are ready too, as you have felt us these past few days and the last hour. We bring messages from The Almighty.


We wish to bring you greetings on this special day – Good Friday. Yes, it is a special day for many of the masses. And because of their combined faith and thought forms, our Lord The Christ glows brightly during this special time. It is a time of adoration and respect – one that inspires many of all cultures and races.


We Elders are pleased to take part in this week’s activities to nurture this Spiritual Flame for the masses. Yea truly we verify and validate that ALL the Hosts of Heaven are nigh to attend the faithful and those Light workers with unprecedented support at this time.


Your precious planet is in trouble. It is during these special times that the increased Spiritual energy assists us in supporting your Earth’s needs and renewal. This outpouring of adulation is never wasted! It is in fact put to work to help HEAL mankind and the planet’s needs.


As you are aware, this Easter coincides with a very powerful aspect that being the full Moon Lunar eclipse. Many of the masses may feel the influence during this time as a bit chaotic, but this too shall pass.


The important message here is that of understanding the tremendous meaning of this particular Good Friday and Easter configuration with planetary changes plus the Lunar eclipse. Some of the masses may find the energy transmission and changes too difficult to bear. This is a temporary situation that shall pass and improve quickly. As soon as the Moon’s eclipse is past, and the Moon enters its waning cycle, the “lunacy” shall also subside. Pun intended.


Dear Paula, why so serious? We Elders know of your needs and are ready to assist in any way we can. And yes, we did bring your sister’s awareness to the book you two are sharing with each other as an important source book for both of you to use during your own transition. Sharing this book with each other is what we desired.


We realize you are able to do a short session tonight. We look forward to our next session and bid you good night.


We are The Elders. Elohim.


To illustrate this message, I am using the Prince of Peace painted by Akiane Kramarik after her NDE experience as described in the book “Heaven is For Real.” It was recognized by the young boy that also had an NDE experience as an authentic depiction.

The Elders 3-25-15 World Events & Monetary issues

Hello and good evening dear Paula. We are very pleased that you have posted our messages and updated the website. We thank you.


We bring messages from The Almighty…It seems there are new developments regarding International relations with respect to this so-called “New World Order.” You shall see a very large outcry with the next world leader summit and World Bank decisions with respect to the value of many country’s money or currency values. These unpopular decisions affect the working class men, women, and families such as those in Greece have had to deal with. It is a bitter pill to help solve problems occurring by the “redistribution of wealth” in the world.


The other concerns are the “itchy trigger finger” of those in the Middle East. Again, we renew our call for outreach and support through sending calming energy, prayers, Reiki, Crystal Grids, and any other means to help calm or back this situation down to be less of a threat.


And so we shall stand by and await the requests for Divine Intervention to also assist in these matters. As you dear Paula, know “The Rules.” We cannot intervene unless asked.


The long view is many cataclysmic changes are to take place on your precious planet, but the timing is not very exact. Time has no meaning for us, as this is the so-called “dimension of no-time.” We could estimate when something may happen, but so many other factors come into play, including free will and desires that may change another path, the events to unfold can be delayed or even eliminated by these means.


And yes, all of this can be changed by the intent and actions of our dear Light workers and healers. Of course we refer to the many across the globe whose efforts have made a tremendous difference and even changed or altered world events.


But we go on and digress here. We shall expand on these topics at another session. We shall close for now, and bid you good night. To answer your question, yes, you are “seeing” or perceiving our Presence and one of us tonight may appear as a white “negative’ of sorts. Good evening.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

March 24, 2015 - Elders respond to questions

The Elders 3/24/15 Message


Good evening dear Paula. Yes, we are ready as well. We bring messages from The Almighty. We understand there has been a question posed about “20 New Archangels” that should be addressed.


There are innumerable Angels in different hierarchies, including the Archangels. However they are a special class unto The Lord, and there are EIGHT. These eight Archangels have specific duties and abilities, one of which is the ability to be omnipresent. This allows them to be in many places simultaneously to assist humanity. Many of your kind keep them quite busy! In light of the above, there are no new Archangels beyond these eight.


However we must say if when someone asks or requests for a number of Angels to be assigned for a particular purpose or place, this of course is immediately manifested. They are not necessarily Archangels, but of course Angels from all hierarchies are able to aid whatever needs there may be. We hope this answers the question sufficiently.


And now we switch topics, please stand by.


As we continue, there was another question posed regarding Earth’s world affairs, and why these things are not showing up in your “news.”


Surely, the answer to this is self-evident. The many governments of Man have tight control over what may or may not be reported. The news about otherworldly visitors, nuclear threats, and other serious incidents beyond chronic war news and accidents such as plane crashes most likely will not appear in “mainstream” press.


For obvious reasons, most often cited would be the masses are not allowed to know the most troubling news, as there would be greater upheaval as a result. There are some incidents that are too big to hide or obscure, with the advent of “instant” news spread by computer, Internet, cellular telephones and the like.


We Elders are providing the most logical explanation we can regarding this issue. We hope this answers the query sufficiently.


There is an issue we should discuss, and it has to do with…


We Elders can tell you are tired after a long day at work. This is enough for now. We bid you good night.


We are The Elders. Elohim.

Updates - March 9, 2015

As you may notice, the Elders messages have not been added to for some time, due to travel and demand for personal readings that are not suitable for publishing for others to view. I will be updating their messages very soon - watch this space!


May you feel the Presence of your loved ones and guardian Angels daily!


Who are The Elders?

The Elders introduced themselves to me when I resumed automatic writing after 35 years. They explained that they were from the Angel Hierarchy known as "The Powers." Their messages are clear and detailed. Some are for "the masses" and some are personal messages when questions for others have been posed to them.


Many of the messages are meant to be shared. Those personal messages that are for others are edited to remove any identifying information to protect the privacy of the person involved. The messages are often helpful to others.


Thanks for viewing The Elders channeled messages. Please share them as appropriate, "Like," and provide helpful feedback. Your time is appreciated. Thank you.


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We (myself and the masses)need this info from the Elders, couldn't you post one update from them that might be longer than 1/2 hour? PLEASE.....

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